Big thanks to Mindgasm user ‘MindlessPhilosopher’ and the community for their amazing work helping to create this glossary.


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the pleasant feeling of post-orgasmic or post-arousal warmth in the lower body, esp. the pelvic floor, which can last for hours; see also glow
sensations like involuntary contractions, pulses, tingles or buzzing after an intense Mindgasm session, hours or a day later
short for Aneros-less, which means stimulation of the prostate without an Aneros toy, by simply utilising internal muscles
the kind of brain waves that occur during relaxation and drowsiness; usually a prerequisite for experiencing mindgasms
a specialised brand for prostate massagers, almost all of which are to be used hands-free, i. e. only with internal muscle contractions; see also toys
the process that leads to the discovery of the sweetspot; cannot easily be undone, but not to worry, it’s pleasurable! See also the blog post I did it – Now the tingles won’t stop


the muscle (group) known as the sphincter found at the anus, keeps the “backdoor” shut
a Mindgasm exercise to fatigue the muscles in order to encourage  involuntaries
If done deliberately in a calm and controlled way, it helps to relax mind and body, see also meditation and letting-go. Do not hold your breath, maintain slow consistent in and out breathing through the nose and mouth. Further tips in the blog post Relaxation Breathing Technique.
a strong and persistent vibration sensation in the Source signaling a responsive prostate, usually an indication of readiness for a ride; can occur before a session or during, possibly also after


the muscle (group) known as the PC muscle that controls the flow of urine and lets the penis bounce when it is erect, contracts during orgasm and assists in male ejaculation
involves (only) the stimulation of the primary sexual organ (penis or clitoris), typically with the hands, and usually leads to a wet orgasm in males. See also the blog post To fap or not to fap – should I stop masturbation?
a muscle movement, voluntary or involuntary, that leads to tension in the respective muscle; the opposite is relaxation. Note that it doesn’t have to be an actual movement. Imaginary voluntary muscle contractions/flexes are called mental contractions/flexes.


a period of several days as long as a month or more when the Source stays silent (no sweetspot tingling or buzzing), usually combined with low libido in general; can have multiple causes (e. g. following excessive masturbation or exercising, during preoccupation or other life stresses); no reason for concern, will go away on its own eventually
an orgasm without ejaculation (as opposed to a wet orgasm, but possibly with leaking, thus a bit of a misnomer), see also HFDO and mindgasm


a state of deep relaxation, balance and harmony where both mind and body are calm and in tune, achievable by meditation techniques, in the right setting; see also Setting the Stage
a Mindgasm exercise to massage the prostate by short, fast internal muscle contractions of Base and Center
  1. For Mindgasm-specific exercises training the pelvic floor, see Kegel exercises.
  2. For more general lower-body workouts enhancing your Mindgasm sessions, see Strength builder.
mental preparation for an expected or desired orgasm result, usually counterproductive in that it leads to the opposite effect: no result at all; it’s advisable to practice a letting-go mindset instead


part of the 30-day course, provides descriptions of the sensations that can be experienced along the Mindgasm journey, namely vibrations, shivers, spikes, pulsing, pleasure waves and pushing.
an involuntary quick muscle flapping or contraction of Base or Center that might accompany pleasure waves
in Mindgasm, the concentration on the here and now, the muscles, present feelings and sensations; includes ignoring thoughts about past or upcoming events, daily chores, expectations etc. Note that hyper-focus can be counterproductive for the  Mindgasm experience. See also the blog post Harnessing the power of patience and focus.


penile or clitoral orgasm, sometimes also called traditional orgasm, see also classic masturbation
  1. the pleasant feeling of pre-orgasmic warmth in the lower body parts; see also afterglow
  2. a phenomenon that occurs after a few days of abstinence from masturbation (and porn), which will show in a person’s body language and behaviour when the sexual drive is directed into a more sustainable, more aware form of pleasure; this is characterised by the absence of shame and an increase in control and confidence. More about this in the 30-day challenge.
in females, an erogenous area of the vagina; sometimes also used to refer to the male equivalent, the P-Spot


short for hands-free dry / wet orgasm. A mindgasm is by definition a hands-free dry orgasm (HFDO). “Hands-free” here means: by mental focus and/or internal muscle contractions; other types of hands-free orgasms (e. g. rubbing the penis against an object) probably belong to the classic masturbation realm.
keeping a muscle contraction steady for a prolonged time, i. e. with the same degree or level of intensity. A typical example for a holding exercise is the Big Squeeze. Holding one’s breath is however never recommended, see breathing.


Flexes can be done in a range of intensities from a light squeeze requiring little strength to a hard squeeze with full force. The exercises typically use a scale from level 1 (= 10 % strength) to level 10 (= 100 % strength). Note that for Top squeezes, the lighter the (mental) flex, the better the effect. Its motto is “Less is more”.
cover term for all sorts of undeliberate yet pleasurable muscle contractions, see also feelings series


the time spent learning and practising Mindgasm, by exercising the pelvic floor muscles, exploring new feelings in the body, cultivating self-awareness, relaxation and meditation. Mindgasm offers beautiful art and music, an introductory 30-day course, numerous guided lessons and exercises for all levels of proficiency, pleasure rides, and more. The options for pleasurable, potentially life-changing, experiences are virtually limitless!
“Enjoy the journey” is the Mindgasm motto. See also mindset, the guide How to go through the Mindgasm lessons, Dive in, the water is fine!, and Mindgasm: A retrospective as an inspirational example of a user’s journey.
Tips for your individual experience:
  • Remember, everybody’s journey is unique. Do not compare yours with others’!
  • Consider keeping a journal, as a tool to help you progress; cf. From Pen To Pleasure – The Power Of Notes.
  • Get in touch with our open-minded community to receive help and encouragement!


integral part of Mindgasm, used to build strength, stamina and muscle distinction in the pelvic floor. See also Chair Flexes, Stacking Squeezes, and The Full Stretch.


drops or flow of a typically clear fluid from the urethra during arousal, also known as pre-ejaculate or pre-cum; see also the corresponding FAQ.
giving up control, allowing the body to be in charge without the mind dictating what to do; a very calm, deeply relaxed attitude free from expectations, a be-in-the-moment mindset; usually a prerequisite for experiencing mindgasms; might require repeated training and meditation to achieve. See also this insightful blog post: The Delicate Dance of Control and Surrender.
cf. intensity


a set of physical and mental techniques, e. g. conscious breathing, geared towards reaching relaxation, equilibrium, focus, and better self-awareness
  1. as a noun: a type of orgasm induced primarily by mental focus, and/or voluntary or involuntary internal muscle contractions (“to have a mindgasm”); wide range of potential experiences, typically a hands-free dry orgasm (HFDO), often repeatable (multi-orgasmic) and/or involving the full body
  2. as a verb: to orgasm in the way described under 1 (“learning to mindgasm”)
  3. a physical, mental and spiritual practice, like Yoga (“to practice Mindgasm“, “the Mindgasm basics“, “the Mindgasm journey“)
  4. the name of the corresponding app to help with 1, 2 and 3 (“to install Mindgasm”); available for Android, iOS and as a web app
Note that in 3 and 4, the term is used as a proper noun and is therefore capitalised. See also the first FAQ and the article What is a Mindgasm?.
For a pleasurable and enjoyable Mindgasm journey, it is advisable to cultivate a positive, open and mindful attitude that includes the subconcious. Mindgasm is a journey inwards. It is important to enjoy this journey instead of being obsessed with the destination. Love yourself!
A particular noteworthy element for cultivating a beneficial mindset is The Law of Reversed Effort. Tip: Harnessing the Power of Boredom
the ability to have several orgasms in succession, typically dry orgasms without a refractory period
For Mindgasm, it is especially the internal muscles of the pelvic floor (Base, Center and Top) that are relevant; to a lesser degree the external ones of the primary sexual organ (penis or clitoris). See also the muscle diagram in the FAQs.


a brand that produces prostate massagers and other toys; known especially for the Njoy Pure Wand, a specific curved prostate toy
yearly tradition when the official 30-day challenge takes place (and all lessons in the app are unrestricted for everyone!)


No explanation needed, right? 😉 See also dry orgasm, wet orgasm, genital orgasm, multi-orgasmic, super-o, and read more about the different types of orgasm.


the practice of Mindgasm techniques as a couple and/or making them part of your regular sex life; read more in this insightful blog post: Mindful Intimacy: The Art of Slow Pairplay
Patrons are members with a paid-for subscription that grants full access to everything Mindgasm has to offer. To become a patron, sign up with Apple or Google app store subscriptions or Patreon, and support its creators. Cancellation/re-subscription possible anytime. Learn more about Mindgasm Pro.
cf. Center
the lower part of the body where all the muscles are located that are involved when going to the toilet, in particular Base and Center; these muscles can be strengthened with Kegel exercises
the single most important Mindgasm ingredient, see also the blog posts How It Works and Why It Feels So Good and Pleasure Beyond Sexual Arousal
often abbreviated as p-wave; an involuntary, automatic Base or Center contraction. Pleasure waves can manifest as subtle, rhythmic sensations that gradually build in intensity. They may occur with or without direct pleasure, often forming part of the arousal and orgasm buildup process, and can vary widely in their manifestation, ranging from gentle, pleasurable pulses to more pronounced waves of sensation.
short for porn, masturbation, and orgasm
the continual pleasure build-up sensation in the penis moments before ejaculation. Once this point has been reached, ejaculation becomes inevitable. In Mindgasm practice, this is referred to as a HFWO. To prevent this, either stop all muscle squeezes and relax to allow the sensation to subside, or try holding a hard Source flex to suppress the ejaculatory reflex.
erogenous area of the anal canal around the prostate gland, sometimes called the male G-Spot
the sensation of a muscle contraction in one direction, for example up or down. A Base flex feels like pulling the pelvic floor upwards.
  1. rhythmic involuntary contractions of the Base muscles, typically in combination with an inserted toy
  2. rhythmic voluntary contractions of the Source muscles, see Eternal Wave
involuntary strong contractions of the Base muscles, happens usually through physical stimulation of the G-Spot / P-Spot rather than Mindgasm techniques and can lead to squirting (and possibly a different kind of “wet” orgasm); not to be confused with Reverse Kegels, i. e. intentional pushes



  1. the opposite of muscle contraction
  2. a mental state induced e. g. by meditation, see also letting-go and the blog post Relaxation Breathing Technique
a Base or Center flex done deliberately in the opposite direction, usually after a contraction to ensure muscle relaxation; can be pleasurable as well; not to be confused with involuntary pushing
the process of reprogramming one’s brain to experience new ways of pleasure, to increase information flow between Source (G-Spot / P-Spot) and brain; see also this detailed blog post and video.
extended sessions focusing on utilising, rather than practising, Mindgasm techniques to experience pleasure (“riding pleasure waves”), mindgasms, and possibly Super-Os; see also Setting the Stage


the period of time when Mindgasm exercises are practised or rides for pleasure are undertaken; see also Finding Time for Mindgasm in a busy life
a crossover between two muscle areas, i. e. an unintended additional secondary muscle contraction, e. g. a lighter Center during a stronger Base flex and vice versa. As muscle contraction control improves with training and experience, shadow flexes tend to occur less often and less pronounced. See also I can’t distinct base and center – the Shadowflex.
uncontrollable partial or full-body moving; can be a violent movement or a mild shaking as if shivering from cold
involuntary rapid small muscle movements around a sweetspot, often combined with warmth and tingling; cannot be induced by exercising
the muscles surrounding the prostate, in the original sense mainly a combination of Base and Center. (A Source flex is a Base flex and a Center flex done simultaneously.) Now used as an umbrella term for all of the relevant Mindgasm internal muscle groups, i. e. Base, Center, and Top.
cf. Base
a very intense involuntary contraction of the whole pelvic floor with a quick build-up and a slow release; can be deeply pleasurable but also borderline uncomfortable or even frightening; cannot be induced by exercising
short for super orgasm, typically an extremely intense and long-lasting, possibly mulitple (multi-orgasmic) dry orgasm and/or involving the full body that goes far beyond a regular mindgasm or classic orgasm. Might require a lot of training (of mind and body) to achieve. What counts as “super” is for the individual to decide: if it feels super to you, then it is super. Read more in the article Beyond Labels And Words – The Mindgasm Experience.
typically the area around the G-Spot / P-Spot that, after awakening, can often be perceived as tingling or buzzing on its own; the precise location as well as the intensity of contraction required to induce involuntary muscle movements during exercising (e. g. with the Big Squeeze) can vary a bit from day to day. There are similar sweetspots in other body parts, e. g. the penis.


a pleasant, sexual or non-sexual, goosebumps-like sensation that can occur in many different body parts, e. g. the Source, but also on the outside on the skin, spreading in different directions
the Ischiocavernosus muscle and the Bulbospongiosus muscle in the pelvic floor; it can be felt at the tip or close to the tip of the primary sexual organ (penis or clitoris), and for males at the root of the penis and/or along the sides of the shaft of the penis. For beginners it is helpful to imagine a muscle at the tip of the primary in order to discover it.
sexual toys, here typically for prostate play. They are considered unnessary for the Mindgasm way but can be helpful as “training wheels” to amplify sensations, and better understand how muscle contractions affect pleasure. See also the article Should I use toys or not?
a Mindgasm exercise to bring all relevant internal muscle groups together: Base, Center and Top


a strong craving for orgasm (or rather the release of dopamine in the brain) caused by abstaining from masturbation (and porn) for a prolonged time as part of the 30-day challenge. While it is difficult for most people, especially when used to frequent classic masturbation, not giving in to the urge has great benefits: it leads to heightened sensitivity, e. g. in the Source; essential in order to advance in one’s journey


an involuntary trembling sensation of exhausted muscle; can be induced by exercising, e. g. with the Big Squeeze
various sensations of intensifying light, colours, auroras or sparks appearing before the closed eye lids in combination with increasing sexual arousal and mindgasms


a pleasant sensation originating in the Source in combination with sexual arousal, radiating outwards into the lower body parts or the whole body
colloquial expression for marijuana/cannabis; anecdotal evidence suggests that the drug could be helpful to relax mind and body and thus enhance Mindgasm sessions. The Mindgasm team does not encourage the consumption of any substance, as the goal is to break free from any dependances and find the resources within yourself.
an orgasm with ejaculation (as opposed to a dry orgasm), see also HFWO and pushing




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