Mindgasm Pro - get the full experience

You can learn all the basics for free and experience a lot of pleasure.
But if you want to embark on a deeper voyage into self-discovery and pleasure, consider trying Mindgasm Pro.
Your subscription isn’t just about unlocking content; it’s about supporting a dream nurtured by a trio of visionaries. But let’s get to the core of what you’re unlocking:

What You Get

Advanced Lessons

Dive into the nuances of the “Secret Muscle”, “Trinity”, “The Stairway”, and of course the legendary lesson 6, “Eternal Flame“.
Your pathway to deeper understanding begins here.

Exercise Library

Move beyond the basics with a wide variety of exercises in Pro. Target different muscles, improve strength, stamina, or focus, and enjoy the expansive variation available.

Session Builder

Arrange your exercises into personalized playlists, creating a tailored journey towards pleasure.

Voice Mute Option

Transition to instrumental versions once you’re attuned to the cues.

How to sign up & subscribe

  1. Tap and Explore: Find a locked content? A simple tap is your key.
  2. Log In or Sign Up: Use your Apple/Google account to log in or swiftly create a new account with an email-address.
  3. Choose Your Subscription: Select a monthly or yearly subscription once logged in, by tapping again on the locked content. 

Easy Unsubscription

  1. Click on the respective link for your platform:
     – Google Play Store Subscriptions
     – Apple App Store Subscriptions
  2. Find and select Mindgasm.
  3. Choose ‘Cancel Subscription’.

How to subscribe to Mindgasm PRO in 1 minute

Watch this quick video by Allie

Patreon Pathway

If you’ve subscribed via Patreon in the early days of the Mindgasm Project, continue the journey by logging in with your existing Patreon email and password. 

New members who’d prefer a path apart from Apple/Google Play can also choose the Pro journey via Patreon.

A Word From The Creators

Mindgasm was born out of a desire for something more – a tool we craved, fashioned with love, dedication, and a sprinkle of audacity.
We are not a faceless corporation, but a trio of dreamers united by a vision. Our journey has been independent, turning away investors to keep the essence of Mindgasm unadulterated. The path has been thrilling, and the community of Patrons and Pro-Subscribers has been our fuel. 
Mindgasm Pro isn’t merely another subscription; it’s an invitation to become part of a vision, a community, and a journey towards uncharted realms of pleasure.

Live long and prostate!  😉

– The Conductor – The Visualizer – The Architect –