Are you trying too hard?

The Law of Reversed Effort, a principle deeply rooted in the insights of thinkers such as Aldous Huxley and psychologists like Alan Watts, offers profound insight into this dilemma. It posits that in certain scenarios, the more intensely we strive to achieve something, the less
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Mindful Intimacy

Mindful Intimacy: The Art of Slow Pairplay

Hello, this is Mindgasm practitioner Innerdream. In this guest blogpost, I want to share some insights on integrating Mindgasm into pairplay. Through Mindgasm, I've learned to focus inward, embracing subtle sensations and letting them grow naturally. This journey has led to profound experiences of bliss
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The “I Do What I Don’t Want To Do” Day

We all know them... those jobs and tasks we always put off. The mere thought of having to deal with them often seems even more uncomfortable than finally tackling them... And this discomfort: turns us into masters of delay. What if you turn the tables
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Pleasure beyond arousal

Pleasure Beyond Sexual Arousal

In the journey of self-discovery, Mindgasm might present an intriguing realization: pleasure is not always tethered to sexual arousal. It's a nuanced exploration, distinguishing between the familiar urges spurred by external stimuli and the subtle, internal sensations that Mindgasm brings to light.
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Setting the stage

Hello fellow Mindgasmers, It's me, The Conductor, the composer and writer behind Mindgasm. Today, I want to dive into a topic that often buzzes around our community: how to enhance your Mindgasm sessions, beyond just mastering the techniques and exercises. I'm here to share with
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From Pen to Pleasure: The Power of a Mindgasm Notebook

As we gear up for No Nut November, I have a little secret weapon that might just revolutionize your experience:  A small, handy notebook and a pen. In this digital age, there's something profoundly powerful about the simplicity of pen and paper.
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The Mindgasm Journey

Dive in, the water is fine!

The Mindgasm journey is an invitation to dive into uncharted waters within yourself. It beckons you into the depths of your own consciousness - a realm vast, mysterious and yet deeply familiar. Although the experience is deeply personal, the insights gained have profound universal significance.
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Allie Spaces

Greetings, Mindgasm explorers! We are incredibly excited to introduce you to a new component of the Mindgasm Project, designed to complement and enhance your journey of self-exploration and pleasure. We proudly present to you, "Allie Spaces", a series of YouTube videos, each lasting between one
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How It Works and Why It Feels So Good

Have you ever experienced a pleasurable tingling sensation in your body that seems to radiate from your lowerpelvic area? If so, you may have stumbled upon the secret to Mindgasm, a unique blend of mindfulness meditation and kegel exercises that can lead to intense sensations
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