The "I do what I don't want to do - Day"

Hello my friend,

We all know them… those jobs and tasks we always put off. The mere thought of having to deal with them often seems even more uncomfortable than finally tackling them… And this discomfort: turns us into masters of delay.

Unfortunately, ignoring these tasks can cause a permanent underlying sense of unrest and it’s easy to overlook the significant amount of energy we expend delaying them. Ever-present in the background, these tasks constantly nag at us. In simpler words: They Are…Annoying to no end!

A Day of Challenge

What if you turn the tables and dedicate an entire day to tackling the tasks you’d prefer to avoid? Let’s call it the “I Do What I Don’t Want To Do” day. On this day, your mission is to complete as many of these tasks as possible. There is only one simple rule: Whenever the thought pops up: “I don’t feel like doing this”,  that’s your cue to take action.

The I Do what I don't want to do day

Kickstart Your Day

As part of your commitment to the “I Do What I Don’t Want To Do” day, begin by adjusting your routine the night before. Consider heading to bed a little earlier than you normally do and also adjust your alarm to wake up slightly before your usual time.”  While these changes may seem minor, they can set a powerful tone for the day ahead. By not rushing through tasks, you create a more mindful, less stressful experience without the added pressure of a tight schedule.
Begin with tasks that are small and manageable, like making your bed. It only takes a moment but it gives you a feeling of achievement right at the start of the day.
That pile of dirty clothes beside your bed? Don’t overlook it today. Instead, throw it straight into the washing machine. Just like that, it’s gone!” Dirty dishes in the kitchen? Use the time while your coffee brews to load them into the dishwasher. 
You know from experience, that starting your day with a bit of meditation or yoga, is better for you than reaching for your smartphone first thing.  So today, let’s do just that, even if it’s just for five minutes. Or you could even take a quick 15-minute walk outside. Both activities will help to clear your mind and give you an energy boost straight away!

Confronting Work Challenges

At work, consider starting with those quick tasks that only take about 5 minutes. These are the ones you normally like to skip because they’re a pain, yet they require just a brief moment of your time.” By tackling them straight away, you trigger a domino effect. Each finished task gets rid of something that’s been bugging you, freeing up your energy. Plus, it feels good to cross it off your list, which helps you get motivated to do even more.
Next, think about prioritizing the ‘big beasts’—those major tasks you’ve been avoiding for a long time. Today could be the day to take a deep breath and dive in. Break them down into smaller bits and just start with one. You don’t have to finish them all at once – often, just getting started is the hardest part.
Or you might even dedicate this day to confront that ultimate chore you absolutely dread and keep pushing off forever. Something like doing your taxes, the kind of task you can’t stand even thinking about. But today, just grit your teeth and do it! It will be hard, but once it’s done, the sense of liberation is priceless. You’ll probably even wonder why you let it hang over you for so long.

After work: Netflix or Exercise? Today, you know the answer!

Taking Control

A day like this offers a unique chance for self-observation. Pay attention when you think, “I don’t wanna do it.” What’s your first reaction? Keep in mind, it’s just your brain making a suggestion, not giving an order. The decision of what to do next is entirely yours. 
If you’re uncertain about taking on this challenge, understand that you’re learning to master exactly that doubtful voice. 
Instead of concentrating on how unpleasant or annoying a task might be, redirect your focus to the satisfaction of completing it and crossing it off your list. This positive approach puts you in charge. 
And by the way: It’s perfectly okay if you don’t manage to cross off all the dreaded tasks on your list today. Be realistic and gentle with yourself. The goal is progress, not perfection. 
Each step you take towards tasks you’d rather avoid is a victory. As you cross one off your list, you’re demonstrating your control over your decisions and actions. And the best part? That exhilarating feeling when you can finally say, ‘It’s done! And it feels awesome!'” 

Here’s to a productive day! You’ll thank yourself later 🙂


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