Mindful Intimacy: The Art of Slow Pairplay

Mindful Intimacy

Hello, this is Mindgasm practitioner Innerdream.
In this guest blogpost, I want to share some insights on integrating Mindgasm into pairplay. Through Mindgasm, I’ve learned to focus inward, embracing subtle sensations and letting them grow naturally. This journey has led to profound experiences of bliss I never imagined possible.

When it comes to connecting with a partner, I’ve found these principles equally impactful. The focus on inner sensations, combined with a gentle, judgment-free approach, has deeply enriched our shared moments. Let’s explore how these Mindgasm techniques can seamlessly blend into and enhance your partner play.

Keep your attention inward

Pay attention to subtle sensations that starts or grow in your body. Not only in your source but everywhere! When you touch your partner, split your attention between your partner and your own body. You’ll be surprised in what can grow within you as you touch them!

Remain as relaxed as possible

Find comfortable positions when both of you can rest, avoid dynamic positions that requires to use your muscles too much. For penetration,  spooning or scissors are great positions as both partners can rest relaxed on the bed

Be in the moment

Keep your attention and enjoy what’s going on right now, don’t think about what you’d like to get from them or do next, or how far is the orgasm. The only moment that matters is now.

Mindful Intimacy

Be slow, be subtle

Avoid fast or intense stimulation that would occlude all subtle sensations. Be as slow, gentle and soft as possible to be able to perceive the most subtle changes in your body. Resist the urge to accelerate when things become too good, as it will be very hard to slow things down once you’ve started to pick up speed

Let go of expectations and judgement

Trust each others, surrender to each others. Don’t think about what they might be thinking. Don’t judge and don’t fear their judgement (yes, you’re still a man even if you want to spend one more hour on foreplay because you feel good!)

Mindful Intimacy

Communication is key, especially non-verbal one

Listen to your partner’s body as much as you listen to yours. Tell them what you’re after, what you would like to try. Tell them how you feel: not only verbalizing it will make the sensations stronger, but it’s also insanely hot for them to know what their actions triggers in you!

Give selflessly, receive shamelessly

Give what you feel like giving without thinking about what you might receive in return. And when receiving, surrender completely and focus on what it makes you feel rather than thinking about what to give next

Mindful Intimacy

Avoid ejaculation if you can: it will make everything better

The more you can refrain from ejaculating, the more sensitive and receptive you become. Instead of 3 seconds of pleasure at the end that leaves you feeling empty and tired, dry orgasms will chain-up effortlessly and naturally for hours, and the intercourse will leave you energized and full of love. Unfortunately, ejaculating instantly desensitize you and makes it harder to build up.  Yes, it’s hard, of course it is, but it’s worth it! And it gets easier and easier over time, so it’s worth the effort!

That’s it! No need to overthink about muscle flexes and sweetspots, just enjoy some intimate time with your partner and, if you’ve achieved any kind of success with Mindgasm already and follow those principles, magic will happen!

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