The Mindgasm Challenge


Hello my friend!

Welcome to the Mindgasm Challenge! 
Mindgasm is a unique practice that guides you through a journey of self-exploration to unlock new realms of pleasure. This challenge is a 30 day course, for all those who don’t want to explore Mindgasm on their own, but with daily guidance.


Basic rules:

  • refrain from touching your primary sexual organ for pleasure
  • do not watch porn or consume other arousing media
  • practice the mindgasm exercises instead, follow the daily advice
At the end of the 30 days:
  • You regain contol over your sexuality and establish sustainable masturbation patterns.
  • You know the essentials of how to reach a Mindgasm, without touching.
  • Your muscles will have started to get in shape and you can distinct between them.
  • You become calmer and more aware through the meditations.
  • You will encounter serious pleasure along the way.
  • You will likely be re-wired and awaken your Source.


This Challenge was designed to entertain and inform – not provide medical advice

  • If any of the exercises hurt, feel uncomfortable or you’re experiencing any physical issues, consult a medical professional. Pain is a sign that something might be wrong. 
  • Mindgasm does not promote ongoing abstinence or semen retention. This Challenge is to be taken as a one-time hard reset. Rediscover a healthy, sustainable masturbation pattern—every 2-7 days, depending on your age.
  • This challenge offers a transformative experience that can lead to both sexual and spiritual awakening. While it’s a journey of pleasure and self-discovery, it may also bring up emotions and sensations that you’re not used to. Once unlocked, these feelings can be intense and may not easily be ‘turned off,’ especially in the initial days. Embracing these sensations is key to unlocking the full Mindgasm experience. If you resist or suppress them, you’re in for a bumpy ride.
    So, come with an open mind and be prepared for a potentially life-changing experience.
  • If you are only here to “come harder”, you should skip this Challenge.


Commit to the Mindgasm Challenge! 

Read on to prepare a little. If you have questions, ask away in our Subreddit or on our Discord.

We’ve got each others back!

A.I. Allie (◦‿◦)



There are two ways. 

Just let it happen..
You can just jump into the challenge and see how it goes. Totally valid approach. Just return here on November first.

Set the stage properly
You can choose to optimize a few things to increase your changes of success.
30 days can be a long time, and future ‘you’ will thank current ‘you’ if you make good use of the remaining days before the Challenge begins. 

Before diving into the other preparatory steps, having a dedicated Mindgasm Notebook is a game-changer. It’s where you’ll jot down your experiences, progress, and any insights that emerge during the challenge. Start by reading the first of our new weekly excursions: The Power Of Notes and get yourself a notebook.

Now, let’s look at some other ways you can prime yourself for the challenge and get set up for a good start:



Use good headphones! Mindgasm uses the language of music to teach you about feelings that no words could describe. So make sure to listen on the best device possible. 



Preparing the space, the room you are in, turning your sessions into little rituals. Different lighting, some light air scent, turn heater up.. There’s a lot you can do to make your special time special.
None of this is required, but it can become an easy shortcut from everyday stress mode, into a calm, receptive mindset.



For a thorough ‘hard-reset,’ it’s advised to abstain from using your primary sexual organ for pleasure throughout this month. If you have a partner, embarking on this challenge will affect both of you. Share your plan with them and perhaps, take on this challenge together! Emphasize closeness and intimacy, simply excluding engagement with that particular body part.”



Stopping to masturbate usually leads to a buildup of energy and power. You’ll need a way to vent that energy, or it will put you under pressure to fail.
The Mindgasm exercises are not enough on some days. Find a sportive activity of your choice, jogging, calisthetics,  join a gym for this month. 
Simplest suggestion: Everytime you want to fap, do as many pushups as you can. Track progress 😉


This is the perfect time to build new habits. You’ll have more time and energy, not knowing what to do with that surplus – so just be prepared to make use of it. Change something. Here’s a list of ideas you could do. Pick 1-3 and make sure to do at least one of them EVERY day. (Don’t choose too much at the same time though!

  • Drink  2-3 liters of water per day.
  • Do 3 sets of push-ups per day, as many as you can. track progress on paper.
  • Go for a >30min walk, every day. If possible in nature, forest.
  • Don’t use social media and/or news. fill your mind with the real world instead.
  • Learn a skill 30 minutes per day. what do you love? What sparks your excitement? Follow it!
  • Read at least 10 pages of a book per day.
  • Meditate. yoga. tai chi. find a balance. connect to silence. There will be frequent meditation exercises during this month to get started.
  • Learn to cook healthy, tasty meals.
  • Socialize by going out at least two times per week to meet new people
  • Call relatives and old friends, catch up. Resolve, connect new, reach out. Everyone appreciates being reached out to. Be the one who takes the first step. It’s easy after that.
  • Re-frame. make a habit of seeing the good. whatever happens this month, you’ll take it as chance to learn and grow. You decide over your happiness. It starts with a smile.
  • Smile at all people you meet and if you find a nice compliment, just say it out loud. People are easy, when it comes from the heart. 


Honorary mention, for those who are comfortable using toys like a prostate massager. Though toys are not necessary to learn Mindgasm but some males find toys like this helpful, as they amplify sensations, making it a bit easier to discover the feelings. Get one, if you are curious. But remember – toys are tools, training wheels basically – and purely optional. Here’s a little blog post on topic.


One of the three major rules for this Challenge is: No Porn!

To last through 30 days without masturbating, you will have to get rid of sexually arousing media. Even just a quick glance can lead you down a slippery slope and is likely to lead to failure.

Surprisingly, Mindgasm pleasure can happen on a completely non-sexual basis. The path to Mindgasm is a journey inwards. It needs your full focus on the inside, and the subtle sensations that start growing there.

External input like porn is a huge distraction that will drown those subtle internal sensations. Sharpen your senses!

24-hour all access porn is a hyperstimulus your brain isn’t designed Ofor. Check out the TEDx-Video if you want to learn more.


How to stay away from porn:

Removing triggers that lead to masturbation is crucial. It requires effort to say “no!” every single time, so minimize the chances by eliminating as many triggers as possible:


  • Get rid of porn. Delete your stash; you’re done!
  • If that’s too big a step: move it to an external, encrypted hard drive, making it hard to reach. Give it to someone you trust (reason: important data, fire safety).
  • Change passwords to porn sites (long random character strings, copy and paste to a text file on an external hard drive).
  • You can block access to your usual sites with browser plugins like this, or you could do it directly from the router.
  • Disable Reddit NSFW or similar settings on other social media sites. Remove sexual triggers around you.

Just make it slightly more challenging to access porn, so every time you feel triggered, it would take a lot of effort – it will remind you of the challenge if you act on autopilot. And it’ll make it easier to say no this time.




The language of Mindgasm is music – it can say much more than words. You will learn to flex your muscles following the sounds – listen to an example below and learn how to do a “Center” contraction.


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