What is a Mindgasm?

Also known as:
Super-O, Prostate Orgasm, HFO= Hands free orgasm


  • duration: up to several minutes
  • multiple orgasms in one session, no refraction period
  • very high intensity
  • full body experience
  • no post-nut syndrome but energizing 
  • no penile stimulation
What is a mindgasm?
A mindgasm is a different kind of orgasm that is caused by stimulation of your prostate or male G-Spot.
It is much stronger than a penile orgasm and can last up to several minutes, And it is multiple, meaning you can have many mindgasms in one session.

If jerking off is a quick fastfood meal, the mindgasm is a luxury dinner over as many courses you can take. 

Why have I never heard of this ?

The existence of Mindgasms is mostly unknown in the western world and has hardly been studied scientifically. Eastern cultures like Taoists and Tantrists have a deeper knowledge.

This ignorance might be caused by the fact that the prostate can best be reached through your anus. This causes two issues for most men:
  1. Theres a cultural stigma that says anjoying any kind of pleasure from the backdoor is gay. You don’t even talk about this.  (Link: Why it’s not gay)
  2. This part of the body is dirty and playing with it will end in a mess.  (how to stay clean)

Mindgasm.net want’s to shred this last, unnecessary taboo of human sexuality and help you to reach your full sexual potential.

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