What is a Mindgasm?

Mindgasm is a combination of a journey, a state of mind and an orgasmic experience.
It is an alternative approach to the physical stimulus of masturbation. Leading to a new understanding of sexuality and orgasms.

The result of this journey is reaching a sustainable orgasmic state, that by far surpasses the single short buildup and peak of normal masturbation.
People describe the experience as Super O, a state of mental and physical bliss that continues as long as you want and leaves you energized and centered.
It provides you with a deeper awareness of yourself and your body. And it will show you your full sexual potential.


  • duration: up to several minutes
  • multiple orgasms in one session, no refraction period
  • very high intensity
  • full body experience
  • no post-nut syndrome but energizing 
  • no penile/clitoral stimulation
What is a Mindgasm

How it works

It’s a training that adresses your muscles but also your mind. Through contractions of certain muscle groups in your pelvic floor you learn to activate and massage internal pleasure centres. Without the need for toys or manual stimulation you will strenghthen these muscles, and gain control to flex them individually.

Invisible from the outside, these exercises can be done where and whenever you want. It’s like going to the fitness studio, but you train musclegroups that are responsible for orgasms.

The second essential part of what this training adresses is your mind.
Becoming relaxed yet focussed, will intensify the subtle sensations, that the muscle contractions cause. You will learn to empty your mind, and completely focus your conscious attention on these pleasure centers. This is also known as Alpha brain wave activation.

How to achieve the Mindgasm

Like learning an instrument, this is a skill that you develop over time. Regular training is necessary – but you’ll be quickly making progress and reach pleasurable milestones along the way, building upon each other.

  • First, you’ll learn to identify the involved muscle groups.
  • In combination with mindfulness exercises you then learn to control these muscles individually. And to stimulate your sweetspots with different types of contractions.
  • Next you will combine these exercises into an advanced pleasure workout.
  • In the final stage you will master mindfulness. And learn how to cause pleasure, without physical contractions whatsoever.

The Mindgasm Method

The most common problem of this journey is to stay relaxed, yet focussed.
The other problem is to find precise instructions and a proper training plan, that actually works and gets you the desired results.
The Mindgasm Method offers training sessions that explain exactly what you have to do in each exercise. It’s a combination of specially developed soundtracks, with a step by step guidance throuogh your personal trainer AI Allie. All you’ve got to do is chill out and follow the exercises.

So why don’t we start right away?
You need nothing but some time and headphones.

Learn the basics and achieve first pleasure with the first three lessons for free:

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