Should I use toys or not?

Should I use toys

Do I need a toy for Mindgasm?

No, you don’t. That’s the beauty of Mindgasm. You can get started right away, all you need are your mind and your muscles.
No toys, no preparation, no post-cleanup. Anywhere, anytime.
Why make it complicated?

Can I still use a toy anyways?

 Yes you can. You do you. If you enjoy the toy,  deploy the toy.
Just don’t rely on it – rather see it as training wheels.
Toys can enhance the subtle sensations by amplififying your muscle movements, interacting with your sweetspot.
This can make it easier to spot the sensations and increase pleasure. So if you struggle to get any pleasure out of your training, or your progress has stagnated for weeks, it can make sense to use a toy to give you a little boost and direction.
But it’s worth to try a session without it every now and then. You might be surprised how well you can ride freestyle once you learned riding with training wheels
Even if it doesn’t, try again after a few sessions. Once your brain has formed sufficent new connections and knows what to do, all of a sudden you realize that you are able to ride without the training wheels.

Can I use my...

No, it requires movement and the shape is unsuited.
Maybe, butt it has a sub-optimal shape and likely won’t hit the relevant spot. Muscle movements won’t translate well.
Vibrating massagers:
Even if shaped correctly and declared a “prostate massager”, vibration is very counterproductive to learning the Mindgasm Method. It’s about your internal feelings and motions, not about those that are caused through 3rd party motion. so if it has the correct shape, you could use it.
Household items:
Don’t. It’s too risky. You need flared bases, proper structure. Don’t mess around with your body! Those funny stories from the emergency room are only funny if you are not the patient.
Chinese knockoffs:
Yes, but be aware that those might not be bodysafe. User report of metal toy, causing burning sensations? Risky business. worth it, to save a few bucks? Just be careful and do your research!

So what toys do you recommend?

A proper toy has a very distinct shape. (image) The original design came from Aneros. It was developed as medical tool against prostatitis
The whole Aneros series is great and officially recommended. If you want to buy one, consider using my affiliate link, same price for you, some bonus for Allies development. 
For beginners the MGX Trident is a good choice. The more advanced riders seem to favour the Eupho models.
The Njoy Pure Wand has also been reported to work well, but is not recommended for beginners. It tempts you to move it manually, which is not the Mindgasm way. And for males it tends to lead to HFWO (hands freer orgasms with ejaculation), ending a session.

My toy doesn't do anything, maybe it's to short/long/thin etc..

First of all: Don’t expect instant fireworks and pleasure.
Even if you feel little in the beginning, It likely does hit the spot. But your brain does not yet interpret these new incoming signals als pleasure. It first has to learn, build and strengthen the pathways. The Mindgasm exercises will guide you there. Just do them with the toy inserted. Give it time, it can take a few weeks.
Don’t let the small size of aneros toys fool you. They are shaped exactly as needed. Studies show that the variation of the position of the sweetspot/prostate in most males is in milimeter range!
So whatever people say, it’s unlikely that yours is deviating several centimeters/inches! Maybe through fat a bit 😉

Seriously, it is not hitting my spot!

Before you waste more money into toys, modify what you can.
You can fold a sock and put it under the front tab, to make it slightly shorter.
You can try to sit on it, to make it reach deeper.

Conclusion - Should I use toys or not?

Toys are tools for learning. They can help you, but don’t rely on them. Your brain will have to figure things out. 
If you use a toy, please make sure to try it without every now and then! You’ll be surprised that you can still ride that bike, even without the training wheels, and that it feels just as good.

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