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Welcome to the essence of Mindgasm, where the individual journeys into pleasure and self-awareness come alive.
Our user stories section showcases a spectrum of Mindgasm journeys, each a reflection to the individualized nature of this intimate quest. Here, you’ll find tales ranging from initial curiosity to the heights of ecstatic experiences, highlighting the unique pace and path each person takes towards achieving a deeper mind-body synchrony. Let these narratives of fellow adventurers guide and inspire your own Mindgasm odyssey.

New Sensations Unleashed

Well my mind has now been blown again whilst going along this journey. Havent really been feeling in the right mood for sessions over the last few days but today that all changed.
This morning whilst working I was getting the itch so did some sessions from the training ground…

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Breaking Free

So I’m getting married in a few weeks and the only issue in our relationship ever has been my porn/masturbation addiction. Learned mindgasm stuff over the past year or so but was still jerking off regularly between sessions and neglecting my fiancee.

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Stairway Breakthrough

Two full months since I had my incredible experience with the Stairway instrumental ride, and it was only today that I followed Allie’s guidance for lesson 7. At last. Perhaps I was scared. At least I avoided chasing, but in the last couple of weeks, more and more thoughts crept in that I wanted to have something like this again.

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Unexpected Turns

Story Time!!
Even the best of us can forget our own advice and fall. Yesterday, I was primed for what I thought would be an amazing session. I was feeling the itch, I was doing chair flexes all day, I did a good leg workout out and at that point it had been 10 days of abstaining.

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Sweet Spot Found

So I am at day 8, and getting home from work, decided to do some searching for that elusive Sweet spot. I was a bit sceptical, because although all sessions were nice and relaxing, I didn’t really feel any vibrations, or pleasure so far…

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A Taste Of Bliss

So (a very original way to start a message, I know), I’m pretty new to Mindgasm, about 5 days to be exact. I’ve been going at lesson 1, then 1 & 2, and for the last 3 nights, I’ve been going at lessons 1-3 with some good feels around my pelvis area.

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Are you trying too hard?

The Law of Reversed Effort, a principle deeply rooted in the insights of thinkers such as Aldous Huxley and psychologists like Alan Watts, offers profound insight into this dilemma. It posits that in certain scenarios, the more intensely we strive to achieve something, the less likely we are to attain it. This principle is not just theoretical; it’s evident in many aspects of daily life:

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Mindful Intimacy

Mindful Intimacy: The Art of Slow Pairplay

Hello, this is Mindgasm practitioner Innerdream.
In this guest blogpost, I want to share some insights on integrating Mindgasm into pairplay. Through Mindgasm, I’ve learned to focus inward, embracing subtle sensations and letting them grow naturally. This journey has led to profound experiences of bliss I never imagined possible.

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The “I Do What I Don’t Want To Do” Day

We all know them… those jobs and tasks we always put off. The mere thought of having to deal with them often seems even more uncomfortable than finally tackling them… And this discomfort: turns us into masters of delay.
What if you turn the tables and dedicate an entire day to tackling the tasks you’d prefer to avoid?

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Pleasure beyond arousal

Pleasure Beyond Sexual Arousal

In the journey of self-discovery, Mindgasm might present an intriguing realization: pleasure is not always tethered to sexual arousal. It’s a nuanced exploration, distinguishing between the familiar urges spurred by external stimuli and the subtle, internal sensations that Mindgasm brings to light.

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