User Story 02 - Sweet Spot Found

User Story by Spots - 01/25/2023

Skepticism and Search

So I am at day 8, and getting home from work, decided to do some searching for that elusive Sweet spot. I was a bit skeptical because although all sessions were nice and relaxing, I didn’t really feel any vibrations, or pleasure so far, or if I did, it was so faint that by the time I finished, I was wondering if I’ve felt anything at all or just imagined it.

Unexpected Relaxation and Warm Sensation

Now, as I was around the 10-15 minute mark, I just started to feel really relaxed to the point where I think I might’ve even passed out very briefly, waking back up to Allie’s voice to quickly join back in doing the exercise. And suddenly, an overwhelming warm sensation filled me, from my tummy all the way up my arms and legs. There was that tingling sensation; I could barely believe it.

Building Pleasure and Embarrassment

It felt a lot like how it’s feel when you’re nearing an orgasm, not quite there, but building… Building… building up to it. And I was wondering how in heck am I still not orgasming, it felt that good. I made some little moans and whimpers, and got so embarrassed I’ve felt my whole face burning.

Magical Realization

Then just as quickly, it all slipped away… Although it could’ve been a while 5-8 minutes for all I know I’ve felt like a cheater. I’ve felt like that one time when I was trying to pick a lock for fun, following some cryptic explanation on what to do, having no idea if I was doing even remotely what I was supposed to do, and then click that padlock just opens up suddenly. It felt exactly like that, but with my body. Like when you haven’t learned a letter for that exam, and then passed it with ease. It was magical.



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