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User Story by Eidei — 01/31/2023

New to Mindgasm

So (a very original way to start a message, I know), I’m pretty new to Mindgasm, about 5 days to be exact. I’ve been going at lesson 1, then 1 & 2, and for the last 3 nights, I’ve been going at lessons 1-3 with some good feels around my pelvis area. That said, I’m pretty amateur at prostate play, so I don’t know what I’m supposed to feel.

Unexpected Sensations

However, a few hours back I felt something I’ve never felt before. I’m going through lesson one, and all is calm, and at that point, I’ve noticed leaking by the time lesson 2 ends. In my mind, I’m making progress and can make out when I move my center and base (though I’m still having trouble relaxing my base without letting go of my center). Then comes the big squeeze, and I’m pretty confident with the warm-up at the start. I’m finding my sweet spot more frequently too, so I expected pleasure by then, and also I just crank up my flexes to 9-10 immediately. So I decide by the third squeeze that Allie instructs, I’m just gonna hold it as long as possible, since by the time I find my sweet spot, Allie tells me to relax.

Intense Pleasure

After finding it in record time, I stay there for quite a while, and the vibrations feel nice. By this time, it’s been like 5 minutes, and suddenly I notice something, I feel a tingling sensation at my base, and I realize my breathing is getting heavier. Then I’m twitching like crazy down there and felt like I was in a haze. My pelvis felt like there was an ember flickering inside and the pleasure was at least double the amount from normal masturbation.

Questioning the Experience

At some point, I lost it because my legs gave out, but goddamn did that feel good. I don’t think I orgasmed, but I leaked like crazy, and after I wanted to try again, my legs just kept shivering non-stop, me assuming it was the cold weather. Sorry if this was a bit long and winding, maybe anticlimactic, but I would like to know from the experienced few, how do I know if I dry-O’d? It was certainly pleasant, don’t get me wrong, but I wanna know if it gets better. That said, I don’t think I would go back to ordinary if I could. It’s just too good.



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