User Story 02 - Sweet Spot Found

User Story by Danbyization – 9/7/21

Revitalized Enthusiasm and Surprising Discoveries

Well, my mind has now been blown again whilst going along this journey. Haven’t really been feeling in the right mood for sessions over the last few days, but today that all changed.
This morning while working, I was getting the itch, so I did some sessions from the training ground (love these for quick sessions while working from home; no idea how I will manage this when back in the office). Immediately, they gave me really good feelings and tingles. 

Elevated Afternoon Experience

After lunch, I still had really good feelings and had that itch for a full session. So I went ahead and did lesson 6. Oh my. This was a whole new level to what I’ve experienced in the past with lesson 6. Absolutely tons of new feelings. I never knew there could be so many different types of vibrations. Even though I had a pee before the session, I did have to stop once to go pee. But that didn’t seem to make a massive difference because after, I was straight back in the vibration zone.

Discovery and Amazement

I got so many new feelings in my penis I kept peaking to check what was going on. To my absolute amazement, it was literally vibrating on its own. I was mind-blown. After work, I was unbelievably still in the zone, still had the itch. So I went for another session. This time, no lesson, just me and my body. It was honestly unbelievable.

Exploration with Tools

I must have several waves of pleasure where it builds and builds and then sinks down a little. I wanted to keep going, but at the same time, I couldn’t resist the opportunity to try experiencing these vibrations with the aneros. Oh wow. I was not disappointed. Literally the best vibrator ever. Even as I am led here right now typing this, I can still feel my source vibrating.



A Taste Of Bliss

So (a very original way to start a message, i know), im pretty new to mindgasm, about 5days to be exact. Ive been going at lesson 1, then 1 & 2, and for the last 3 nights ive been going at lessons 1-3 with some
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Sweet Spot Found

So I am at day 8, and getting home from work, decided to do some searching for that elusive Sweet spot. I was a bit sceptical, because although all sessions were nice and relaxing, I didn't really feel any vibrations, or pleasure so far, or
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Unexpected Turns

Story Time!! Even the best of us can forget our own advice and fall. Yesterday, I was primed for what I thought would be an amazing session. I was feeling the itch, I was doing chair flexes all day, I did a good leg workout
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