User Story 02 - Sweet Spot Found

User Story by Advanced Player – 4/12/23

High Expectations and Disappointment

Story Time!! Even the best of us can forget our own advice and fall. Yesterday, I was primed for what I thought would be an amazing session. I was feeling the itch, I was doing chair flexes all day, I did a good leg workout out and at that point it had been 10 days of abstaining. I was ready I even decided to pull out my aneros for an added bit of fun. And you know what I experienced??? NOTHING!!

It was an absolute dud. It sucked. I barely got a few pulses. Nothing was happening. I was so prepared and ready. I started doubting myself, was it abstaining, was it too much apprehension, did I lose my abilities…..I was beating myself up over it. I stopped took a shower and relaxed, I remembered my own damn advice. Sometimes, the body and mind just don’t wanna work together for the day. Sometimes the body does a little rest/reset.

A New Attempt and Surprising Success

Tonight was a much different story. I had zero intention of riding. I’m curled up on the couch watching TV and for some reason, I felt like seeing if I could do some pulsating of my base/center. I didn’t feel much and not much happened. But I continued and decided to listen to Allie just for shits and giggles, and maybe a little practice if nothing else.

So I laid back and started listening, and oddly enough, I could feel my body was wanting to respond. So I got up, quickly ran upstairs, stripped down and laid on my bed. I switched from a lesson to The Orbit. And man it was not a disappointment. I started with some ok pulsing and quivering. But I could sense my body was wanting more. I was using a lot of focus and concentration. My head, arms and legs started shaking. Things were ramping up and getting good. And no Aneros was being used this time.

Breakthrough and Insight

I was getting some deep thrusting contractions. And then things really launched forward. Loud moaning, heavy contractions…..then BINGO!!! Super-o’s were making an appearance. Rock hard and leaking. Thrashing around on my bed, with a smile from ear to ear. The moral of the story, bad sessions happen to the best of us. And it is easy to forget that. I almost arrogantly was shocked I was having a bad session…’s been awhile since I’ve had one…..but they do happen.

I’m just glad that after some cooling down mentally because initially yesterday, my mind did spiral down into a pity party. Although I have had my bad moments, don’t let a bad session or a bad day get to you. Keep practicing, don’t dwell on it, and keep looking forward in your journey. No matter what happens, be happy for the moment….good or bad. It might just be a time for a little break! But your body always comes back to the pleasure side, just like riding a bike, your body does remember.



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