Chair Flexes

Hello Mindgasm Explorers!  Advanced Player here with a fun exercise to help keep your source warmed up, primed and excited for a full Mindgasm session later.  I call it the Chair Flex and apart from training your center, it can lead to a very pleasurable, involuntary “Chair pulsing” and even some orgasms.

You can easily do this exercise anytime of day with virtually no set up.  All you need is a good chair to sit on.  The great thing about this exercise is that you can go for as long or little as you would like.  I like to practice off and on throughout the day. 


First, find a chair with a little padding but still with an overall firmness. Sit on the edge of the chair with your feet spread slightly wider than shoulder width apart. Make sure you are sitting upright and lean slightly forward.
You should feel direct pressure from the chair pressing right on your perineum (the area between your balls/vagina and your anus). 
This area is going to be the primary focus. I like to think of this area as your outer or external center. You won’t initially feel this as deep as when you practice center squeezes. 
While leaning forward, squeeze your center muscle. It will feel like it pulls up and away from the chair, almost upwards inside you. 
When you relax, you feel it press back down on the chair. This feeling of pressing on the chair is the next focus. 
When your perineum hits the chair, it almost feels like it bounces a little as the chair presses back at you.

The Exercise

Now that you have found the right muscles and know what to feel and focus on, you begin the actual exercise.
  • Squeeze and hold your center at a comfortable level(4-7) while leaning forward slightly
  • Feel the pressure from the chair as you squeeze. Mentally focus on that area and the muscles. 
  • Give it a little time, and soon the muscles will fatigue , causing the center begin to pulse as the chair pushes back. 
  • Keep squeezing and go with that feeling. Let it begin to pulse and grow. The pulses will get stronger and go faster. 
  • Soon you no longer can tell if you are squeezing or if your body has taken over. That is when the involuntary pulses take over.

Once in a while mentally/physically try and squeeze the muscles again. This can send the pulsing into over drive. Let it bounce back and forth pressing on the chair faster and stronger. You may also begin to feel these pulses go up your shaft as well. Let it keep growing and spreading. Your heart rate may increase a little as you get more excited. Yet all this is internal. Nobody has any idea you are experiencing this. It feels amazing and this can go on all day if you let it. While practicing the muscle control, I have had full conversations with my co-workers and they never knew I was sitting there talking with them experiencing, some amazing involuntary center pulses.

Going Beyond

It is possible to go even further than the involuntary pulses, but this will take a bit more concentration and skill and may also require a bit more privacy. You want to bring more of the mental game into play, hence why privacy may help. Start to think of your sexual fantasy, while feeling the pulsing. Place your focus on your prostate and feed off the pulses.
Keep breathing, don’t hold your breath!
Let those pulses grow. Let your body really take over with those involuntary pulses. If you remove your mental block and let your body take you, those pulses can grow and take over into some deep amazing orgasms. You may leak, or even get hard, it varies for everyone. These wonderful feelings will usually stay centrally located around the pressure from the chair, but you will feel it spread out a little as well.
For myself, I have found doing Chair-Pulses all day gets me primed and ready for a really great session when I am home alone and listening to a lesson.
Advanced Player