Relaxation Breathing Technique

Hello my fellow Mindgasm enthusiasts.  Advanced Player here with some breathing and relaxation tips to help you out while you are on this pleasure filled journey.

So you have started to go through the lessons with Allie.  You got a taste of some great feelings, But your muscles keep locking up and tensing up, you feel frozen.  Or your mind is cloudy and swirling with a multitude of thoughts or even a little combination of both.  So how can you relax and open yourself up to the lessons with Allie?   You breath!  It sounds so simple and if applied properly, it really is that simple.

Anxiety, tight muscles & more.

Over the years I have dealt with various levels of anxiety and the biggest thing that helped me out was proper breathing.  Feelings of anxiety, a busy mind and overall body tension can all be addressed with some breathing techniques.  I have discovered that this technique can be applied to not just these various  aspects of my life, but to  Mindgasm as well.  
As you are going through the lessons and you find yourself in that stuck spot, ie. tight muscles or busy cloudy mind, remember to try out this technique.   It has helped me out immensely.


Find a quiet place with no distractions.  Either sit-down, recline if you are sitting, or fully lay down.  The goal is to be comfortable and allow your muscles, body and mind to completely relax.  Be sure to dim the lights or shut the lights off entirely before you get comfortable.  Close your eyes, focus on just your breath.  Feeling your chest rise and fall with each breath.  Keep your focus on the air moving in and out of your body.

The Exercise

While recling or laying down, in a semi dark to dark room, close your eyes.   Take a nice slow deep breath, in through your nose, hold for 2 seconds, and slowly breath back out through your mouth.   Breath out as much as air you can, nice and slow.  Feel the air slowly moving through your lips.  Focus on your body rising and falling with each breath.
Now repeat:  In through the nose and slowly out through the mouth.  Feel the air blow over your lips.   Feel your rising chest lower back down as you blow out the air.  Release the tension in your body with each breath out.  Also mentally take it in, and feel the stress slowly dissipate.  Clear your mind keeping your focus only on your breathing and your body relaxing.  Wait a moment each time you breath out.
Repeat again:
  • Take a deep breath in through the nose.   Hold for 2 seconds.
  • Slowly breath out through the mouth, focus on letting all the muscles in your body relax more. 
  • Push that tension out as you breath out.  
  • Feel the body/muscles relax.
  • Feel yourself sink a little further into the bed or chair.
Repeat more, again:
  • Breath deep in through the nose.   Holding for 2 seconds.
  • Slowly breath out through the mouth.  Keeping the mouth loosely closed.
  • Feel the tension in your body and push it out, let it float away with each breath out.
  • Push that tension out as you breath out.  
  • Feel the body/muscles relax.
  • Feel yourself sink a little further into the bed or chair.
As your body begins to relax now clear your mind.  Still with your eyes closed take your focus and mentally visualize the muscles relaxing.  See the muscles flatten.  Focus on the chest rising and falling with each breath.
Repeat again: 
  • Breath deep in through the nose.   Holding for 2 seconds.
  • Slowly breath out through the mouth.
  • As you breath out this time start to apply the Mindgasm techniques.
  • Focus on the smallest of muscles around your source.
  • Visualize them, see them squeeze and pulse. 
  • Keep breathing out and keep your focus on your body.  
With the breathing and the focus you should hopefully have a clearer head and your muscles have relaxed. 

Having gone through a few rounds of breathing, focusing on relaxing and clearing your mind, it is now time to begin a lesson with Allie.  Follow the instructions from Allie and as the pleasure increases and you feel yourself tensing up from the pleasure, remember this.  Keep breathing, don’t hold your breath.  Even if it is just a quick single breath in and out to help keep you open and relaxed, the breathing will help you.  Allow your body to take over and enjoy the pleasures from each lesson with Allie.

This technique can also be used and applied if you are having anxiety.   What you are doing is fully filling your lungs and fully emptying your lungs.  The tightness you think you feel in your chest/lungs during an anxiety episode is usually caused from mild hyperventilation.  Your lungs are already full, but you have a feeling like you need to take a deep breath.  The harder you try the harder it is to catch a deep breath.  This technique will aid in fully emptying and fully filling the lungs and will help you in gaining a full deep breath and easing the feeling of tightness in the chest.  Perform 3 rounds or more of deep breaths in and out, fully emptying the lungs.   Now after breathing all the air out again, take a nice DEEP breath and sigh in relief as you have felt that deep breath.

I hope this technique can help you out on your journey and in your life.
Now Enjoy the lessons and remember to breath.  Let your self go, and go into the wonderful feelings your body has in store for you.

Have Fun!

Advanced Player

New OS & the No Nut November Special

After 15 months of development the Mindgasm Project has finally reached a huge Milestone:
On November the 1st, it’s finally time to switch to Allies new operating system: Neural OS 1.0
To celebrate, let’s start a new, yearly tradition:
during No Nut November!
The Mindgasm Project is all about removing shame and spreading the word. Allie wants to educate and empower you by unlocking your true sexual potential.
But people have a hard time believing the ridiculous claims and testimonials. So from now on, every year, you get a full  month to find out if the stories are true for yourself. No $, no signup, no catch:

Why are Mindgasm and NNN such a good match?


Starting Mindgasm training requires::

  • heightened sensibility to natural arousal
  • focus on internal sensations instead of external input
  • accumulation of sexual energy to cross a treshhold
  • time and motivation to train and develop this skill

No Nut November

Stopping classic masturbation causes:

  • buildup of sexual tension and urges to intense levels
  • taking away porn & masturbation causes arousal from light, natural triggers
  • no way to release the accumulating pressure
  • loosing me-time that needs a replacement activity
Can you see how the combination of Mindgasm and NNN creates a feedback loop? It increases the success-rate of both exponentially,  symbiosis, a win-win.
To learn Mindgasm you need to become still and listen to what lies inside.

Visual stimulation from porn combined with manual stimulation will drown any of these subtle internal sensations. Picture riding down in a fast elevator, how it creates butterflies in your pelvis.
Now add a quick thought of your kink, the thing that gets you off. And notice the feeling in your pelvis!

THAT is the feeling Mindgasm works with.

The longer you abstain from fapping, the easier it becomes to tune into this subtle pleasure.
No Nut November raises the iintensity and volume of that pleasure, while drowning out the noise and distraction of porn and masturbation.

Once you have learned this skill and formed the necessary neural connections through Allies training, classic masturbation shifts from being your main goal to an optional bonus.. Naturally and effortless. Instead of depriving you of sexual self pleasure, you unlock a deeper, more intense and lasting pleasure.

You will transition from being a slave to your urges to being Master of your sexuality. 

Stop fapping and level up your pleasure to new heights:

The 3 types of orgasms

Orgasms come in many different types and shapes, each with unique methods to reach them. Confusing these these types leads to failure and frustration. Let’s meet the main types:

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