Defining “Involuntaries” – vibrate your sweetspot

Ever so often you’ll read something about “involuntaries”. A term that is loosely used to describe muscle movements that happen without your conscious commands – like lifting your arm compares to your heartbeat.
I’ve always disliked the term involuntaries because of the lack of distinction. There are so many kinds of unconcious muscle movements that are completely different from each other.

(“Involuntaries” was only used in lesson 2 because the term was already established, and most have heard about the concept. In future versions it will be replaced with the more distinct descriptions you can find below)

The Exhausted Muscle - Vibrations

This is what lesson 2 “The Big Squeeze” works with. It is a technique that shows you how to vibrate the Base and Center around your sweetspot.

What it feels like:
Shivering, very high frequency vibrations faster than 3 per second. Comparable to the involuntary muscle shivers when you are freezing.
It doesn’t necessarily feel pleasurable, especially if your brain hasn’t learned to interpret the signals from your source as pleasure.

Vibrations can be induced by exhausting your muscles beyond their limit – like the weightlifter trembling at the last repetitions. 
You can’t control these kinds of vibrations, only create conditions to induce them – hence they are described as involuntaries.

The Excited Muscle - Flutters

This is what lesson 2,4 and 5 try to create, but they can also happen through pure focus (6 and 7)

What fluttering feels like:
Flutters are quick pulses of your muscles (1-3 pulses per second) kind of swinging/oscillating around a sweetspot. They often are irregular, chaotic in frequency and intensity, mixing short intense spikes with light pulsing.

They are often accompanied by sensations like warmth and tingling.
Flutters tend to spread, outwards if they continue for longer. Sometimes wide into your pelvic floor, sometimes “up” into your genitals.
Though they are involuntary, once they are happening, with a little practice and light focus you can learn to move them, even into other body parts. Experiment!

The Locking Muscle - Spikes

Spikes are short but extremely intense contractions of your whole pelvic floor, often including your belly muscles or other parts of your body. Spikes have a quick buildup, ranging from 0.5 to 2 seconds and then release only slowly over 10+ seconds. 

What Spikes feel like:
Intense! You have this nice slow pleasure buildup – suddenly it speeds up and becomes too much too fast. Your muscles tense up quickly and it feels like they are locked in that contraction, leaving you with little control. Spikes can be deeply pleasurable but also be borderline uncomfortable or even frightening.
Forcefully trying to relax it becomes possible after a few seconds, but this often comes with a (perceived) loss in session progress. 
To avoid this, try not to relax completely but return to a conscious light flex around 2-3 with a muscle of your choice. By keeping a light contraction, you’ll find it easier to return to your sweetspot.
Yes, pleasure often drops down a lot, but that is just temporary. Continue with your session and the overall median pleasure level will continue to rise. Don’t let a single spike stop you.

The Dominant Muscle - Pulsing

Sometimes your muscles really grow a mind of their own and become very dominant. This happens preferably when using a toy and is known as “Auto-f**king” in the Aneros community. Your base will start to contract in a pulsing rhythm with roughly a stroke every 1-3 seconds, hitting your physical sweetspot. You have little to no conscious control as it happens on its own. 

What it feels like:
Like you’re getting f****d by the universe – in a good way.

The Surging Muscle - (Pleasure) Waves

Sometimes your muscles will start to do a slow constant contraction on their own (often while fluttering at the same time)
This can happen quite fast within few seconds, noticably pulling inwards. Other times this contraction builds gradually over +10 seconds or even minutes  (for example during lesson 6) without you even noticing.

What it feels like:
It’s as if you pull a toy inwards closer to your source. It embraces, hugs your source and squeezes it, holding it tight and firmly. It’s like an automatic base or center contraction without you starting one. 
These gradual contractions can be the rising part of incoming pleasure waves – if thex are accompanied by pleasure. In that case, roll with it and use it. Let it build, enjoy it, and when it relaxes, enjoy that too. The intracate pleasures of the relaxation phase is often overlooked.
At other times these Waves come with little or no pleasure while you are trying to stay relaxed. In that case, reset your muscles by giving them a few short pulses. These pulses will make you aware of the actual muscle tension level. Then deliberately let go to zero with the next deep exhale.

The Reversed Muscle - Pushing

Honorable mention, because this one rarely happens through Mindgasm techniques, but through physical stimulation of the g/p spot (aka pounding it hard).

This usually happens through physical stimulation of the prostate, and causes you to push out with the most intense force imaginable. This causes squirting and a different kind of orgasm. 

What it feels like:
Like having an intense orgasm while peeing in waves.

You see, there is so much variety hidden under this concept of “involuntaries” – it’s easy to get confused if your experience doesn’t match up with the tales of others. I hope this closer look clears things up a little. 
I often say that you shouldn’t put things into little boxes and put labels on them, but if a definition is too wide, more boxes are sometimes a good thing.
Know that you don’t need to experience all of these. Some may never happen for you and that is fine. You can have the greatest sessions only every enjoying one or two of them.

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