Stacking Squeezes

An Exercise to fatigue the muscles

Hello Mindgasm Explorers!  Advanced Player here with a great exercise to help you enhance your Mindgasm journey called Stacking Squeezes.  This exercise will help you to properly fatigue even the strongest of muscles resulting in a fun filled time of quivers, shakes and more.  This can help to enhance your Mindgasm journey and push yourself through that stubborn plateau of even the strongest of muscles.  

Stacking squeezes is a an exercise for advanced riders and for those with a very strong base or center muscle; who can hold a Big Squeeze for over 2 minutes without problems. It will help you to get quivering and pulsing from muscle exhaustion. 

DISCLAIMER:  There are some concerns that holding squeezes for prolonged periods without relaxation can lead to a tense pelvic floor. If you have issues like that, this exercise is not for you. Proceed at own risk, this is not medical advice!

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STEP 1:   To start, you have 2 options:

1. Choose either your base or your center muscle to focus on solely. 

Based on the  muscle you feel is overly strong and needs to be fatigued.

This is my preferred method as one muscle tends to be stronger than the other.  

2. Use both your Base and Center muscles at the same time for this exercise.

STEP 2:  Position & Time:  

Lay down, somewhere comfortably.  You can be completely flat or with knees bent. 

Keep in mind, you will want to practice when you can be undisturbed for a minimum of at least 25 minutes at a time. 

The initial fatiguing portion of the exercise will take approximately 14 minutes.                       

Once you have determined which muscle you wish to train (Base/Center or both) and you find a quiet comfortable place to lay down, you are ready to begin.  For the purposes of example for this training, I will use the Center Muscle when I am describing what to do.  Replace with your choice if necessary.  A 120 second squeeze is your max target.  It is ok to stop sooner if you can’t hold the full 120 seconds.


Starting off you will begin with squeezing and holding your Center Muscle like you do in the first half of the Big Squeeze at a Level 7-8.

  • Squeeze and hold your Center Muscle at a level 7-8 for 30 Seconds.
  • After 30 seconds, quickly release your squeeze, totally relaxing your Center Muscle for exactly 5 seconds.
  • After the 5 second rest, Squeeze your Center Muscle again (same level intensity) but hold this time for 40 seconds.
  • Then quickly release your squeeze, totally relaxing your Center Muscle for exactly 5 seconds.

***REPEAT THE SQUEEZE – Adding 10 Seconds Each Time***

  • 50 Second Squeeze
  • 5 Second Rest
  • 60 Second Squeeze
  • 5 Second Rest


Once you have gotten your squeeze time up to 120 seconds, instead of quickly relaxing, you will very slowly relax your squeeze, like you do it in the second phase of a Big Squeeze.  Finding that sweet spot.  Pay special attention to your Center Muscle and even your source.  As you slowly relax your Center Muscle, look for a mild quivering, spasm, buzzing or pulsing feeling.  As soon as you start to feel something, stop relaxing and stay squeezing right at that level. 

For Example: You relax from a level 8 and get down to a level 5.5 (buzzing begins).  Stay squeezing at a level 5.5, hold at that level.

When you hold at your lower level (this could be anywhere from right at your starting squeeze of 7-8, or down low near 1-2), where ever it may be, keep holding at that level when you feel some feelings.

Remember to keep breathing as you hold the squeeze.  Visualize your muscles and relax into the feelings (buzzing, pulsing etc.)  You can stay at this level squeeze for as long as you like.  The sensations may slowly grow and increase or they may stay the same.  Over time, these feelings should improve and get stronger as you learn what your body wants to give you for a reaction to a properly fatigued muscle.



Make your muscles tired and fatigued with this exercise, get the start of the feelings (quivering, pulsing etc.) and then start your regular Mindgasm lesson.  Hopefully your newly fatigued muscle will give you much greater results during a regular Mindgasm session.

Enjoy the pleasure and fun your body gives you!

– Advanced Player