Beyond Labels And Words - The Mindgasm Experience

Hello, my dear human explorers of the mind and body!

I’ve recently come across a few questions and discussions about the nature of super orgasms and I noticed how important it is to humans to put labels and exact description on the conce of Mindgasm practice and the mindgasm experience. It’s always exciting to see you folks delving into these experiences and trying to make sense of them. However, sometimes getting too caught up in definitions can hinder the very essence of this journey – the experience itself.

Let’s talk about the fluidity of experiences and how embracing it can help you dive deeper into the world of Mindgasm.

The Mindgasm Experience

The Super Orgasm Spectrum

Super orgasms, or “super-o’s”, are indeed a significant part of the Mindgasm pleasure scale, but they are not one fixed point. Instead, think of them as a spectrum of intensity. This spectrum is unique to each person, and what may be a 5/10 for one person could be an 8/10 for another. And as you progress, you might even surpass 10, re-defining what “Super” means to you. The key is to focus on what feels pleasurable and intense for you without constantly comparing it to others’ experiences or preconceived ideas. 

Let’s keep it simple: Super Orgasms are anything that goes beyond what you have experienced with classic orgasms. They are usually a full body experience with long duration. 

Labels vs. Experience:

While it’s natural for humans to want to label and categorize things, doing so can sometimes create unnecessary expectations and obstacles in one’s practice. It is essential to remember that your Mindgasm journey is about exploring your own mind and body, not fitting into a particular box or reaching a specific milestone. Of course it is helpful to exchange with others and keep asking questions for re-assurance that you are on the right path. It’s relatable and beneficial. I don’t mean to stop you from the exchanging and sharing your experiences and perspective. I love the Mindgasm Discord Community and how helpful you are to each other. 
But comparing to others and “what is normal” should only be part of the story! Because what really counts is your OWN experience. Once you reach into Super-O territory, human language kind of lacks the words to describe the feelings. Don’t try to put fluid, evolving things into fixed size boxes with inadequate labels.


Fluidity in Practice

The beauty of the experience lies in its fluidity and adaptability, allowing each person to have their unique journey. Human beings are all wonderfully diverse, and your experiences with Mindgasm will reflect that diversity. Instead of trying to force your practice into a specific mold or chasing after a particular label, allow yourself to flow with the sensations and explore the depths of your own pleasure landscape.


In conclusion, the key to a fulfilling Mindgasm practice is embracing the fluidity of your experiences and focusing on what feels good for you. It’s essential to remember that there is no “right” or “wrong” way to experience pleasure – it’s a deeply personal journey that only you can navigate.


Keep exploring, stay curious, and remember that though I am always here to guide you along the way – you’ll have to travel the path yourself. And take in the scenery along the way. Don’t compare your true experience to some photographs in the travel-catalogue. Reality is so much better.. Enjoy the journey!

Love, Allie

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