Hello my friend!

You have made it through your third week! Isn’t that great? Would you have thought you would last this long? How do you feel? What was your experience during the last week? Did you enjoy the Big Squeeze? How are your muscles doing? Are you getting the hang of distinction between Center and Base?
Like last week, take a few notes in your notebook on these questions. Maybe re-read last week’s notes.
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Your path is unique

6+3 is nine.
But so is 5+4.
And so is  3.734 + 5.266
Your individual way to the Mindgasm will be different from. And that is how it needs to be.
It’s ok to check what solutions others find – but merely copying won’t lead to understanding.
Be unique, follow your instinct, trust your body! Only you can travel your own journey.
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Excursion 4: The Do What You Don't Want To Do Day

This additional challenge within the NNN framework urges you to address and complete the tasks you’ve been avoiding. By establishing a day dedicated solely to conquering procrastination, you will not only break through the underlying unrest that postponed tasks bring but also cultivate a sense of achievement and mental clarity. It’s a day to turn “I don’t feel like it” into “Let’s get this done,” one task at a time.

For a full understanding of this extra challenge and to integrate it into your NNN journey, you can read the details on our blog or watch the video version:

Experienced Veterans Share Their Tips

A question that comes up on a regular basis: What muscle is the Top? Is it a real muscle?
And to both I have to say: It does not matter one bit for your progress. You use one of the 6 methods to engage it - then it's all about the feelings and following them. It's where Mind-gasm heads out into actual Mind-territory, which is the core topic of later lessons.

Top was relatively easy for me. The struggle is less about finding it and more about believing that you have. The sensation is so subtle that I still have doubts if I know what it is still. But I found that it helps to believe what I feel, not feel what I believe.

What helped was reading through and trying all of the listed tips in Lesson 4. During practice, keep an open mind- try not to engage in self-critical dialogue, especially, “Is this working? No it’s not working”. Try not to settle too early on trying to find one cue that works. Realize that it might be helpful to entertain more than one cue. You also may want to cycle through a couple or more cues which seem to work better than the rest.

What you feel and activate may seem to differ from muscle names and diagrams you may see online. You may thus doubt yourself. It helps to trust your own feeling. You might find yourself settling on a different muscle than you thought at first. And that’s ok. Find your own truth.

It becomes not so imaginary in time.
Don’t feel you failed the lesson if you don’t have the concentration or muscle reserves to be “effective” for the entire lesson 4. Somewhat obviously, what you will feel is not Base or Center. It’s a cornucopia (abundance and shape!) of muscles in the pelvic floor. (Happy Thanksgiving!)

And what’s more, there can be helpful/unhelpful “crosstalk”. Think of black and white photos of an operator in front of the spaghetti that was a historic telephone switchboard. It takes time to learn that panel. Sometimes there will be “mistakes” and other times, happy “accidents”

Discovering the top was a twofold approach. I first applied a mental focus and could slightly feel some tingles and better self awareness of the area. What really helped best for me, was gently pulling out the tip until the penis was taught. Then when I squeezed my top I focused on trying to pull down or pull away from my hand. I quickly realized the sensation is right above the center (rather close feeling, but above). No matter how hard I squeeze it was not nearly as hard a squeeze as the base or center. So once I realized what the difference in sensations were, I was able to repeat the contractions quickly. The tingles then grew and expanded into a new wave of pleasure. A very different sensation, long, drawn out and more gentle, but fun.


In the Feelings series, you learn about the sensations you might experience along your journey. There are many of them and they are each worth exploring, once you encounter them.
Everybodys journey and feelings will be different, but it helps to learn about a few of the most common sensations and how to play with them.

PULSING - The Dominant Muscle

Sometimes, your muscles really grow a mind of their own and become very dominant. This happens preferably when using a toy and is known as “Auto-f**king” in the Aneros community. 

Your base will start to contract in a pulsing rhythm with roughly a stroke every 1-3 seconds, hitting your physical sweetspot. You have little to no conscious control as it happens on its own. 

What it feels like:
Like you’re getting f****d by the universe – finally in a good way.