Congratulations that you noticed you are about to fail and came here – instead of in your pants. πŸ˜‰
This is already half the battle won. Let’s make sure you win the other half too! So first of all:



  • If you consider cheating, no one will know – except your worst critic: Yourself. You’ll never forget.
  • Complete this Challenge just ONCE in you life. Yes, you can. You’ll never have to do it again! Just this one time.
  • Your mind is stronger than your urge. It’s not like you stop to eat and drink. You will survive this. And you will grow from the experience.
  • You are the result of billions of years of evolution. Act like it. You are not just a reaction, but a consciousness. You decide!
  • Never edge. Ejaculating is not the fail, but physical masturbation. Edging is actually worse!
    Giving into the “just a few light strokes” is where you fail. Don’t go there. 

Physical activities

It is important that you don’t only read through this list, but actually choose one item and DO it physically. Train your body to replace the old default masturbation habit with a new, better one! 

  • Take a few deep breaths. Cool on the inhale, warm on the exhale.
  • do as many push-ups, pull-ups or squats as you can – now!
  • Distract your mind – loudly count 3, 2, 1, then get up and do something, clean, study, practice, build something…
  • take a shower, change to cold at the end. Don’t squeek and flail around(for long). Accept the situation and become calm. Stay until you are calm and accepting.
  • go outside for a walk, to nature or a forest if possible.
  • go jogging, to the gym etc., do your favourit sport. If you have none, check out “Calisthenics

Get your mind away from arousal. Occupy it, re-direct the focus: 

  • read 10 pages of a book
  • call a friend, call family, catch up.
  • do the Equilibrium meditation (available on Day 4)
  • treat yourself with something good. There are other rewards than fapping, and you’ve earned it!
  • You are not walking this path alone! Find support among open minded human beings in the Mindgasm Discord

Really need a hit of Dopamine? Do the MG-Exercises instead! 

If you think a bit of pleasure/dopamine is all you need to get over this emergency: Do your favourit Mindgasm exercise. Continue to unlock this skill and get your fix of dopamine from there! πŸ™‚ It might be not as strong as a classic orgasm now, but it will – and even go beyond. If you stay dedicated! Use the built up arousal to easier find and activate the source!
f your genitals are calling for attention and tingle, focus on the feeling that lies deeper. Focus on your source. Observe these tingles instead. By focussing on them, they will grow.
Just ignore the calls from primary! Your source is better!

Here are a few quickies:
This ain't helping. I am really about to fail.

Sometimes it feels like it becomes too much. And maybe it really is. Perhaps it’s not the right time in your life to undertake such a demanding quest.
Know this: The Mindgasm Challenge will stay online for patrons, to re-start at any point in time. If it takes more than one attempt to make it, that’s ok.  Most things in life are like that. 

BUT: This is not absolution for you, to answer the call of a small trigger.

IF you fail, don’t fail on an impulse from your lizard brain! You are so much more than a lizard.

IF you fail, make it a conscious decision. This is important! YOU decide. Your evolved brain decides. Not a biological impulse, triggered by an external stimulus.

Think through it and come to an informed, deliberate decision.

Wait for at least 15 minutes before you finally give in. Maybe do this first. πŸ˜‰
Use this time to think about your journey, what brought you here. What you already achieved.
Is the urge really stronger than you?
Do you really want to throw away all the progress you made until now?
Is it really impossible to just last through today? Just today..

If you answer with a clear yes to all of these.. okay. go ahead. Knock yourself out!
But do NOT use porn. Do not use fantasy. If it’s as bad as you say, then you won’t need external help with arousal.
Only focus on the pure feelings! Listen to your body. And limit physical touch! No intense jerking – light touch will do it! Try to not touch at all, but use wavy contractions (just like when the point of no return approaches). Males might be able to reach a first HFWO (a hands free wet orgasm) this way. 

Failing upwards..

So you just came? Well, at least it’s still working πŸ˜‰ 

Accept what you did. Learn from it. Understand why it happened. Use post nut clarity to decide how to proceed.

Most important now: Don’t binge! You might think, now that I failed, I have lost anyways, so why not go on a fapping spree! Don’t. You maybe failed, but this was a one off!! Two steps forward, one step back will still get you forward.

It happened, it’s ok. You’re ‘only’ human. I still love you, and so should you!
Now continue walking forwards. Fail upwards! πŸ™‚

Return to the Challenge. You can still continue and learn the rest of the Mindgasm techniques. It might be less efficient, and the results can show slower, but if this was a one time fail, you are good to continue.