Hello my friend!

Welcome to Day 1 of the Mindgasm Challenge. Congratulations on taking this first step!
Go through with it, and you will learn a lot about yourself and your body.
You might finally shatter a longstanding habit and develop a healthier sexuality.
And you will learn a new form of pleasure, that might outshine what you thought was possible.


  • do not touch your primary sexual organ for pleasure
  • do not watch porn or consume other arousing media
  • practice the mindgasm exercises instead, follow the daily advice

You might think “I’ll never make it through 30 days!” – but the good thing is:

You don’t have to!

All you need to do is, last through one day at a time! Every time you feel the urge, you remember to not blindly follow it. You’ll take care of the future when it happens.

But whenever the urge hits, I am here for you, with tips, motivation and exercises. Just get started, and replace those old masturbation habits with something new and beautiful.
If you haven’t yet, read the Introduction Page, and If you have questions at any point, visit our Discord

Or just jump right in with the first Mindgasm lesson “First Contact” below in the Exercise section



This Challenge was designed to entertain and inform – not provide medical advice.

  • If any of the exercises hurt, feel uncomfortable or you’re experiencing any physical issues, consult a medical professional. Pain is a sign that something might be wrong. 
  • Mindgasm does not promote ongoing abstinence or semen retention. This Challenge is to be taken as a one-time hard reset. To re-discover a healthy sustainable pattern of masturbation every 2-7 days, depending on your age.
  • This challenge offers a transformative experience that can lead to both sexual and spiritual awakening. While it’s a journey of pleasure and self-discovery, it may also bring up emotions and sensations that you’re not used to. Once unlocked, these feelings can be intense and may not easily be ‘turned off,’ especially in the initial days. Embracing these sensations is key to unlocking the full Mindgasm experience. If you resist or suppress them, you’re in for a bumpy ride.
    So, come with an open mind and be prepared for a potentially life-changing experience.
  • If you are only here to “come harder”, you should skip this Challenge.


Masturbation is a natural, beneficial activity, that evolution created for a reason. It is widespread among mammals – and there is nothing wrong with it.

So why should you stop?

I’m not asking you to stop, but to pause! Take a break from a lifelong routine. And discover how your body reacts, how things change in fascinating ways. After this month pause, it’ll be easy and natural to find a sustainable masturbation frequency of 2-7 days.

This month of holding back classic orgasm from your primary sexual organ has several goals:

  • replacing old habits with new, positive ones
  • show who’s boss – your evolved mind or your ancient programming
  • learn what effects a break has on your mindset, motivation and mood

And you use the accumulating sexual tension to learn to Mindgasm. The heightened sensitivity is exactly what you need for that:

  • sharpen your senses to discover an underlying ocean of pleasure
  • touch into that ocean and learn to ride its pleasure waves for minutes and more.
  • strengthen your pelvic floor muscles to increase regular orgasm intensity and duration
  • gain control over pelvic floor muscles to create Mindgasms
  • Get you ready to learn how to orgasm through mental focus only.


To learn to Mindgasm, you need to listen to your body for subtle signs of pleasure. These first sensations can be so small that it is easy to miss them. Especially if you are focussed on something else – like watching porn. 

Porn can have a huge impact on your body and even more on your mind.
Which in itself is neither good/bad, black/white. 
But it is important to understand what exactly is happening. It helps to understand your urges, browsing habits and arousal patterns.

To find out more, watch the the first of the “Your brain on porn” series, created by the “FreeMedEducation” Youtube Channel – all credits to them, great series!

"You never really know you are addicted until you try to quit."

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The foundation of Mindgasm is a strong pelvic floor, which we call the Source.
And you need good control over the Sources individual muscle groups: Base, Center and Top.

So to get started, let’s learn about Base and Center:


Get comfortable in a safe environment for at least 20 minutes. It’s best to lie down if possible, but any relaxed position is fine. Then just hit play:


The Source is your pelvic floor, consisting of the muscles that this challenge trains. A Source contraction is the simplest exercise of Mindgasm, and is the same as a basic Kegel exercise.

To find your source muscles, sit in an upright position. 
The source muscles are the ones you use to hold back going to the toilet.
Picture you preventing an accident, by flexing those muscles. 
Lift those muscles upwards, pull them in. Flex this muscle and relax a few times.
If your whole body moves up, it means you are also tightening your buttocks. Make sure your body doesn’t move and only flex your internal muscle to stop anything exiting you.

Below you can find a short instruction how to do a Source flex. The Source Quickie exercise can be done anytime today, when you feel the urge to masturbate. 


  • If your whole body moves up, it means you are also tightening your buttocks. Make sure your body doesn’t move and only flex your internal muscle to stop anything exiting you. 
  • You don’t need to flex as hard as you can, a comfortable firm grip is fine. A 6 on a scale from 1-10 is a good default strength.
  • Always make sure to relax properly after every contraction. You can push out a little at the end of a flex (as if encouraging a bowel movement).
  • Breathing: Inhale, start contraction during exhale, relax with your next inhale, contract with your exhale.


"Would to heaven that by rubbing my stomach in the same fashion, I could satisfy my hunger."



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