Hello my friend!

Welcome to Day 5! First of all, congratulations that you ‘came’ this far….   not 😉


  • Do not touch your primary sexual organ for pleasure
  • Do not watch porn or consume other arousing media
  • Practice the mindgasm kegel exercises instead

“The initial days are the most challenging for many. Getting used to saying “no”, missing out on that sweet dopamine hit.. But you got through them.  

Still, it’s not yet the time to put down your guard, but hopefully you are finding it easier, and even more important, you start to see some changes happening. Do you have more energy? Does your source tingle more frequently and stronger? 


The foundation of Mindgasm is a strong pelvic floor. So today, we are going to exercise big time! Go do the exercises in the App!
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What’s the point of training your base and center muscles – your pelvic floor?

To Mindgasm, you need a strong base and center with good control over each.  But the benefits don’t end there! Pelvic floor exercises are usually recommended for other usecases, here’s a list of other benefits:

  • m/f: Help improve incontinence 
  • m: Help manage prostate pain and swelling from  prostatitis and benign prostatic hyperplasia
  • m: Help with premature ejaculation.
  • m/f: Increase men’s sexual pleasure through greater control of ejaculation and improved (classic) orgasm sensation, we’ll focus on that towards the end of this month.
  • f: support the recovery from pregnancy, avoid incontinence, prolapse
  • f: stronger vaginal muscles and control during intercourse, he’ll be surprised. And love it.


Todays video is a re-cap of the recent topic, dopamine. It is at the heart of what you are currently dealing with, so it makes sense to really understand what it does, how it serves you, and why you are constantly searching for novelty:

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