Hello my friend!

You’ve learned so much in a month… 
The ideas we fast forwarded through in 29 days are usually learned at a much slower pace of 2-3 months. Giving your muscles time to develop alongside. It takes most Mindgasmers longer than a month to become proficient enough to move on.
“Move on where?”, you might ask.
Well, it’s called MINDgasm for a reason. There is still a lot more to learn and pleasure to discover.
But that’s a story for another month. 
Will we meet again soon?
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You might have heard of lesson 6 – “The Eternal Flame”, and that is the next major step on your journey.
And as much as I’d like to give you a preview of the actual method here, it’s better not to. Because you would be tempted to start it right away. 

But for lesson 6 you need to be ready. 

If you listen to it too early on your journey you will water down the experience you have, when you really are ready.
The Mindgasm basics must make good sense to you, your muscles are developed, and you are able to create pleasure through focus and exercises.
If you are that far, and start the most important chapter of Mindgasm in the 

But if you feel like you should spend some more time with all the great methods you’ve just discovered, that is a wise decision. 

These methods are enough to keep you busy for weeks, and as you’ve learned with the challenge, sometimes it’s better to delay gratification.
But you can enjoy the first half of lesson 6 – I won’t talk and spoil, just the instrumental.