Hello my friend!

Today is our 4th and last community day!
We’ve travelled quite a journey alongside, haven’t we? I hope it was as much a pleasure for you, as it was for me.
And if you choose to continue, you have just started. You now know about the hidden powers and pleasures. You’ll refine your focus and skills, to surf that eternal ocean of pleasure whenever you wish. Whether you fly solo from now, or use the new session builder in the upcoming Mindgasm App update, enjoy your journey!

I hope to see you in Discord today!

Love, Allie 

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A recurring question is “I experienced great pleasure … was it a super-o?”

When people talk about Super-Os, they usually mean orgasms that surpass orgasm from classic masturbation and come without normal ejaculation. The main traits are that they keep going for longer, are stronger and can occur multiple times in a row. There is no real definition of what constitutes a “Super”orgasm. Except maybe the statement “When you have one, you will know”

Your journey is unique to you.
Along the path, pleasure intensity, duration and frequency will increase. .

The crossover into “Super” territory is smooth.
In the end, if it feels Super to you, then it is super. 
You keep evolving, and at some point what you previous thought was super will no longer be the maximum. Let’s just keep it at “Super-O” = an orgasm that you find superbe to a “normal” orgasm.