Hello my friend!

It’s been a while since we focused on pleasure.
I’ve got a beautiful meditation method with just that in mind:


Tingles and subtle sensations at your sweetspot can be entry points for pleasure waves.
Catch a wave, ride it while it lasts, then rest and scan for the next wave to ride.

Did you join the shower challenge? Have you come to accept the situation as it is? Surrendering and becoming one with the flow. Switch into that mindset the moment you get on your board and ride the waves.

These waves happen with you or without you all the time. You need to catch them if you want a ride!

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Don't chase - self-regulate

Once you learn how to consistently create pleasure, the question will become:

How often should I do this? 

It’s easy to follow the dopamine.

IF you overdo it with mindgasm sessions, they will become less exciting. Even down to sessions with no pleasure at all.
But after a few days pause the Source will return and call for your attention. Find a balance.
Apart from the little pleasure moments throughout the days, where you respond with a squeeze…
And there are sessions that go for an hour or longer.
If you do these sessions daily, they’ll become dull and routine.
It should remain an event, not become a routine. Something that requires a bit of restraint,
you need that time to recharge and build up the ‘energy’.
So picture you had a great session yesterday. A nice dopamine bath.
Your reward system remembers this and asks for more, suggesting, “Let’s do another session today.”
But you might be at only 50% recovery.  And the session just doesn’t flow as good as yesterday. The source is less responsive; it would rather rest.
If you space your sessions further apart, your source will make everything so much easier naturally. You don’t have to lie down and look for tiny tingles. Instead, the source will shout for your attention by tingling. Follow that invite and you’re in for a good ride.
Don’t confuse the afterglow of a good session with the call for more attention.
Enjoy the energizing effect it has, get up, do something nice. If there are some flashback pleasure moments, enjoy them as that, and move on happily. Don’t use those flashbacks to try to re-create the previous experience.


This is what most experienced (solo) mindgasmers in the community seem to ‘settle down’ with:

A great ride every 3-6 days, when the source calls for your attention. You’ll definitely feel it.

The long ride often culminates in a classic orgasm, which can be hands-free, with subtle stimulation, or fully manual. If it stays a one time classic orgasm, your source will stay active. 

Then, it’s time to bask in the afterglow for 1-2 days and take a break. During that time, mini pleasure spikes randomly brighten up the day and increase in frequency and intensity, until you know that it’s time for a good session again.

Of course you can keep doing a little workout every 2-3 days to keep your muscles in shape. 

You cannot beat a river into submission;
you have to surrender to its current, and use its power as your own.