Hello my friend!

It’s another exercise day. 
If you started your Mindgasm training with this challenge, your Source musculature should be starting to grow by now. Holding a Level 7 squeeze for more than 30 seconds should no longer be a problem. And you should feel some basic distinction between Base, Center and Top. Shadowflexes will always remain, and that is fine. 
It is a good idea to keep your muscles in shape through regular training sessions. Just like you don’t stop going to the gym after a month, once you’ve noticed your first gains.  
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One of the cornerstones of the Mindgasm challenge is to avoid classic masturbation.

The main reason is that this heightens your sensitivity for subtle pleasure beyond your primary. 

There seems to be some confusion about whether ejaculations are considered a failure of the challenge.

Wet dreams are common. Sex with a partner is mentioned. Some reach their first HFWOs (hands free wet orgasms). 

None of these ejaculations are a failure.
As long as you do not manually stimulate yourself and don’t watch porn, you are good.

Semen retention can help to increase your sensitivity, and it makes sense to limit ejaculations to the ‘absolute necessary’. But beyond a week or two, it does not really add much benefit.

So after the challenge, it makes sense to return to a more  sustainable rhythm, depending on your age that will range between 2 and 7 days. You won’t need pornography to arouse you, it will happen naturally, and you’ll know when it’s time.




"I don't fail.
I either win or I learn."

It’s mistakes that let you grow.
You don’t grow through your successes. That’s just getting the dopamine reward.
You reach your success through a road aligned with mistakes and fails – and learning from them re-centers you towards the goal.
You correct what caused the fail and move on.
Make it a habit to look at it that way.
To revisit your failures, not to dwell in the bad feelings, but to analyze what went wrong.
And do it right next time.
Don’t compare your little sapling tree to the full grown mighty oak of someone with 20+ years of experience.
It’s easy to feel small, when you are constantly bombarded with the best-of your friends life on social media or the breakthrough stories of fellow Mindgasmers in Discord or Reddit. Behind these cherrypicked stories lies a long path of trial and error. You start small – everyone starts small.
Don’t compare your day 10 to the day 3291 of someone else.
Your yesterday, your last month, that should be the benchmark. 
You don’t fail, you either win or learn.