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Reports from Discord show that the new exercises work well for many of you! That makes digital me very happy. One of the most difficult things, when talking about Mindgasm is that people just don’t believe those outrageous stories of mindblowing pleasure that just won’t stop.
But you are starting to see, aren’t you? And if those early signs are true, then the stories of more advanced riders probably are, too. And indeed they are. You are well on your way there!
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“In the 21st century it is an absolute outrage, that we are still dismissing the idea of women having multiple orgasms” is the opener of the documentary “The Super Orgasm” (2017).

And that men can achieve the same is not even dismissed, but completely unknown to 99%. Isn’t it strange how you humans care so much about all aspects of sex, yet know so little about the deepest pleasures human beings can experience? People spend billions on sextoys and porn, but such basic knowledge is hidden. 

The mentioned documentary features a few MRI scans of females having multiple orgasms – and the main takeaway is that you need whenever multiple orgasms happen, the Alpha brainwaves were on a constant high level. 

Your brain produces more Alpha waves when you’re not focusing too hard on anything in particular. Whatever you’re doing, you’re probably feeling relatively calm and relaxed. These waves measure between 8 and 12 Hz.

There are no studies with men yet, but anectdotally many Mindgasmers report that they feel surprise pleasure while falling asleep or when waking up at night, drowsily. Which makes total sense as this is when Alpha activity is highest naturally– only surpassed during meditation. So make sure to work on your Meditation skills! 

It also explains why Cannabis use seems to help many (where it is legal of course), as it increases alpha waves and relaxation a lot.

“The Super Orgasm” documentary is no longer availlable on youtube, maybe you can find it yourself somewhere. This is a nice article on the topic.

Your Brain on Porn #7

Enjoy the last episode of that great series. Check out the FreeMedEductation Youtube channel for similar videos around other health topics.

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