Hello my friend!

The TOP shows that there is beauty to be found in the smallest things! You’ll get the chance to look out for it during today’s Exercises.
Feel good. Learn about the small beautiful things that never make it into the news: the love of a parent, the quirk in your partner, the little bird checking you out curiously…

Good news are silent

Only bad news are newsworthy. And reported much more often. The world might look like a total disaster – from this distorted perspective!

It’s a delusion. It’s what happens when you fill your mind with a constant stream of bad news aggregated from 8 billion people.

Sure, there are bad (and good!) things happening everywhere every moment. But here is, where it becomes unhealthy:
The news basically zoom in on every bad thing that happens worldwide, the worst top 10 = the most newsworthy.

To expose your mind with such a negativity overkill has a profound effect. Your minds and social inheritance are not made for this. Your actions in real life have little influence over any of these bad things happening far away. How are you supposed to deal with that information?
It can make your own life look bleak, and all the little things that happen around you might feel small, even insignificant. 
Becoming happy is not easy if you get stuck in such a mindset.
Stay informed, but don’t blast your mind constantly with negative stuff throughout the day. If you must consume news, do it once in a limited time. And then move on with your day, return to here and now – and don’t look back.
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A little bonus exercise: Check out r/mademesmile for half an hour and enjoy newsworthy kindness, compassion and happiness. 

Focus on the good and you will see it. And it will be contagious.
With your small acts of kindness, you spread that positive vibe.
Just start walking towards it. no matter what, you’ll be in a better place.

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Reality is Different!

Your direct surrounding, your personal now, is all that really matters. It is all you have and all that you can influence. Your own world, that you interact with it. Where your actions cause something.

If you want happiness around you, focus on happiness.

Focus on your real surrounding. Look at the world with kindness. if during your day you are presented with the option to choose to do the warm kind act over the cold shoulder, choose kindness.

That’s how you change your world. Your own, as well of others. It costs nothing. It’s the small acts that make the difference and the day.Say that compliment out loud. 

And it’s best to start by stop being a jerk to yourself: