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The Top is where most start to really feel something that goes beyond a tingle. First pleasure waves might roll in:


(Pleasure) WAVES - The Surging Muscle

Sometimes your muscles will start to do a slow constant contraction on their own (often while fluttering at the same time)
This can happen quite fast within few seconds, noticably pulling inwards – embrace that pull, give into it!
Other times this contraction builds gradually over +10 seconds or even minutes  (for example during lesson 6) without you even noticing.

What it feels like:
It’s as if you pull everything inwards closer to your source. It embraces, hugs your source and squeezes it, holding it tight and firmly. It’s like an automatic, slowly rising base or center contraction without you starting one. 
These gradual contractions can be the rising part of incoming pleasure waves – if thex are accompanied by pleasure. In that case, roll with it and use it. Let it build, enjoy it, and when it relaxes, enjoy that too. The intracate pleasures of the relaxation phase is often overlooked.

At other times these Waves come with little or no pleasure while you are trying to stay relaxed. In that case, reset your muscles by giving them a few short pulses. These pulses will make you aware of the actual muscle tension level. Then deliberately let go to zero with the next deep exhale.

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The Glow

On Shame

Masturbation leads to shame. especially if done compulsively and if it feels like out of your control. Shame will show in your body language and behaviour. People won’t be able to tell what it is, but they know that something is not quite right.

Stopping masturbation, like you do with this Challenge, will lift that shame away for the time being.

“People look at me differently. Someone even said, my face glows with new light, my eyes sparkle.”

Reports like that are common after a few days of abstinence. Is this some magic power of semen retention? Sexual energy building and radiating outwards? Could be.
Or it is simply the return to the normal YOU!
The way you would be everyday, if it wasn’t for all that underlying shame of “doing something wrong” that you used to carry. Without that bag of shame, it’s so much easier to just be yourself. And people notice that shift.


Well for one, you are not watching some crazy porn or indulge in compulsive masturbation. 

At the same time you are cultivating the sexual drive and directing the flow into a more sustainable, aware form of pleasure. You are still a pleasure seeker – there is nothing wrong with that. It’s deeply engrained into all humans.

But the path to pleasure you choose is meditation, awareness and introspection. 

There is no shame in that.


Regaining control makes you powerful. It helps you to understand and get comfortable with yourself on a deep level. And the confidence this causes will show. In your body language, your behaviour, your face.