Hello my friend!

You have made it through your second week! Isn’t that great? Would you have thought you would last this long? How do you feel? What was your experience during the last week? Did you enjoy the Big Squeeze? How are your muscles doing? Are you getting the hang of distinction between Center and Base? Are you starting to find the sweetspot more often?
Like last week, take a few notes on these questions. Maybe skim through the last days and re-read what resonated with you.

Find support from other open minded human beings

The community is the heart of the Mindgasm-Project. It’s where ideas and inspirations come from. It helps to share your journey. You notice others experience similar obstacles – and some found their way and are happy to share new possibilities. I keep learning just by listening.  (◦‿◦)
Pleasure is a gift. it feels good to help someone find pleasure, doesn’t it?
The mood in Discord mirrors that – lighthearted, mostly kind of sfw, and most important always looking out for each other, 

Thanks for being like that, @everyone! 


Don’t go through this challenge alone, make sure to hop on our Discord. Or post in our Subreddit. Share your experience of this week, exchange with others, ask questions, help others with your unique perspective. Let’s just meet up and talk a bit! You are not alone.

Be sure to meet some of our veterans live, ask them questions – for they will also be there today (depending on the timezone their habitat is located. Read some bits of their wisdom below

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Excursion 3: Boredom

In the third weekly excursion, you are invited to delve into the unexpected benefits of boredom. Discover how moments of stillness and apparent monotony can open doors to deeper self-awareness and heightened sensory experiences. This excursion encourages you to see boredom not as an obstacle, but as a stepping stone to unlocking new levels of creativity, mindfulness and pleasure.

Challenge your perceptions and find joy in the simplicity of the moment.

Watch the video or read the blog version


"What did you do that helped you, to stop trying to be in control? How can I let go?"

A man wishes to catch a sparrow for his lover.
He tries one day but crushes it when he grips too hard.
The next he catches another, but his grip is too loose and it flies out of his hand.

The last day he places seeds into his hand and the bird lands upon it.

I've added the cold shower to my personal challenge month. Going max cold at the end of every shower. I screamed like a little girl the first week every time, flailing about, fighting it.
But after a week something wonderful happened. One morning I realized the squeeking and failing was ridiculus and in fact absolutely pointless. So I decided to calm down and stopped. Which miraculously worked. I accepted that this is my situation now and became an observer. I still felt the extreme cold in all detail, but it didn't affect my actions anymore. I could stay as long as I wanted. (which wasn't too long, I admit)
I felt empowered after that shower. And after every shower since. You'll find the shower challenge in one of the next days as a result of this experience. I can only recommend it. Because you can apply this empowering lesson of acceptance during your rides. Whenever I feel the first signs, pleasure ramping up, the mind goes overdrive:
"This is it, don't mess it up, if I just do this now it will be amazing... no. don't do that.. is it going down? oh no, quickly change something... blablabla..."
And it's gone.
Instead, react as if you turned the shower to cold. Whatever happens, happens now. It is beyond your control. Your body will do fine. Instead of flailing about pointlessly, you choose to observe and enjoy passively.

When first learning Mindgasm and encountering a wide variety of sensations I never thought possible, it’s sometimes hard to know what’s right and what is wrong. The good news, of all the new sensations I have encountered, I’ve never encountered a wrong sensation. I didn’t question why I felt this new sensation. To be honest I didn’t really care, it felt good and I liked it.

I have found that when you start to focus on questioning why, it pulls your focus. It takes you out of the moment. I rather try to make a mental documentation of “oh that’s new” and I liked it. “Let’s see where this goes” is another mind set I always have.

The great thing with this journey is that there will be many different paths, there for sure will be some similarities in experiences and sensations, but it may happen in a different order, location or time during a session. So don’t worry about if that is the right time, order, sensation. Instead focus on the good sensation enjoy it, and flow with it. Use those mental abilities to let go and let it climb and take you over.



Spikes are short but extremely intense contractions of your whole pelvic floor, often including your belly muscles or other parts of your body. Spikes have a quick buildup, ranging from 0.5 to 2 seconds and usually release only slowly over 10+ seconds. 

What Spikes feel like:
Intense! You have this nice slow pleasure buildup – suddenly it speeds up, pleasure increases a lot and maybe even become too much too fast. Your muscles tense up quickly and it feels like they are locked in that contraction, leaving you with little control. Spikes can be deeply pleasurable, make sure to enjoy that part.
But also be borderline uncomfortable or even frightening, due to their intensity.
Relaxing will always be possible after a few seconds, but this often comes with a (perceived) loss in session progress. Pleasure goes down.
To avoid this, try not to relax completely but return to a conscious light flex around 2-3 with a muscle of your choice. By keeping a light contraction, you’ll find it easier to return to your sweetspot.
Yes, pleasure often drops down a lot, but that is just temporary. Continue with your session and the overall median pleasure level will continue to rise. Don’t let a single spike stop you. Enjoy them as little milestones before the next round.