Hello my friend!

Moving on through the month. You’re still holding up! That’s awesome.
Who would have thought that you can last 12 days? Sometimes progress feels slow, still so many days to go. But that’s fine. This is life! 

Picture this:

After a far too long day, at a boring job, you return home exhausted. And after taking care of those annoying daily chores, you finally relax a bit, with an evening of netflixing, or whatever you do to switch your brain off. To recharge for another day.
Just to rinse and repeat the cycle..

And during the next day, whenever you have a free moment in between? You grab that phone and spend the little freetime on social media, consuming bad news from all around the world or just filling the mind with soap-operized stories of actual life. Adding up to 151 Minutes of every adult, every day.

Imagine you continue that for the next 50 years – will that have been a fulfilled life?
Is that what you want to look back on?

The question is: How could you make a difference? – It’s easier than you think.
Just think small.

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Remember “Day 7 – “Fill the Gap” ?
Find something you love doing – and do it! Even if you are bad at it when you start, just enjoy and keep building on it. Adding over time. becoming better. Make it a part of your life. only you can do that, find that yourself.
It will in turn reward you with fulfillment and joy. something to look forward to in the dull, exhausting moments in life.

The difference is purpose and direction. If you know where you want to be, and just target enough step towards that , you will arrive at a much better place, much closer where you wanted to go to.

So know the direction and keep loosely walking towards it.
It doesn’t matter if the path is far from straight and you get sidetracked left and right. Thats normal. Thats life!
But always make sure that you are heading into the general direction towards your passions.
Walk a few years with intent towards something, you’ll find yourself so much further than you can imagine now.
You are the one who changes your life to the better.
So choose to.
Just every day, take a moment to acknowledge your passion and re-center your walk through life into that direction. 

Still struggling to find your passion? Need more inspiration than the list?
Try this website, that gives you random hobbies. Just click through until something sparks your interest. 
Then do a first small step towards actually doing it. 

Some of these might take 1 hours per day and in the beginning you’ll think that it’s too much.
Then you remember how much time you spend mindlessly on social media every day, or watching that series. And suddenly an hour of active passion pursuit looks very reasonable.
It’s not about winning, or to be the most successful, or the best in your trade.
but if you like the smell of wood and working with it, do that!
A thing crafted with medium skill but lots of love and dedication will bring joy to yourself or as heartfelt gift.

it’s not about being the best, it’s about filling your life with beauty and to spread it. 

Find a thing you love, and share that love.

Just watch that 30s part about the drunken sailor, the rest is irrelevant today:


If you feel like it, do a random walk today. Get up, leave the house and start walking. Toss a coin at every junction, to decide where to go. (don’t get lost or in danger though!)
And while you are on that journey, think about what you actually like doing, what you liked doing as kid, what you have or had passion for. Think about how you could re-ignite that with a low effort/cost activity.
You can’t change your life without stepping out of the comfort zone.
You can’t act the same over and over and expect a different outcome.
Making these changes sounds hard and complicated. But all it takes is a daily nudge into the right direction. Start doing something regularly. If it makes you feel better, it will spread and grow. You will automatically expand activities that make you feel good.
Get comfortable with yourself! You are the person that you spend most time with. 
If you don’t like where you are, move. You are not a tree!

And move with direction and purpose! Don’t randomwalk through life!