Hello my friend!

 After yesterday’s intense training, today the exercise is.. less active.
“Do nothing!”
And with that, today’s reading could end. 
But there is more to nothing than just doing nothing.
Now that I’ve got you sufficiently confused, let’s do something about doing nothing.
What’s the point of “doing nothing”?
If you do something, you usually expect something to happen: The outcome.
And if that outcome happens, you react. Your reaction might change the outcome.
So picture you are doing a big squeeze, with the goal to get some vibrations going, which hopefully feel good.
So you expect squeeze = feel good.  
If it starts to feel good, you might start to flex harder again, aaaand the balance is gone, the pleasure fades.
Wish you hadn’t done anything to “feel even better”, right? 
And that’s exactly what doing nothing is all about.
So today, you’ll start your exercise by only relaxing and becoming aware of every part of your body again, with the Equilibrium Meditation. 
And with that body awareness you will start to keep all focus on your source in today’s “Do Nothing”.
If at any point pleasure happens, you MUST NOT react, you must not change muscles, positions or anything else. Observe and do nothing! 
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Going into a session or training with expectations of a certain outcome, will usually cause you to not reach exactly that outcome.
Chase it, and you’ll lose it.
Had a great session doing that one exercise last time? Today the same exercise might have no effect. You were looking forward to it and now it doesn’t happen. No need to be disapointed. Try a different technique, a new exercise. Maybe move on to the next lesson.
If today one thing doesn’t feel right, don’t stick with it for 30 minutes. Move on.
Expect a session to be relaxing and get you grounded.
That’s an achievable goal and worth it in itself.
Everything more is today’s bonus.
Some days you’re in for surprise pleasure rides. Other days you’ve given your muscles a good training.
If you are always in focusing on pleasure, then pleasure will become the hardest thing to reach.
Focus on each of the 3 main columns. Mind – Body – Experience.
Each needs to be balanced and taken care of. Only when all 3 are in equilibrium can you reach the Mindgasm realms and stay there for a while.
Most find Mindgasm in search of pleasure. If that is you, understand this:
You need to take care of your mind and body, to reach your full pleasure potential.
If you ignore training your body, you won’t build the necessary connections to your brain.
if you ignore the mindset, you won’t be able to reach the necessary state of aware relaxation
and if you ignore pleasure, you’ll miss out on a hell of a lot of fun along the way.
Each have their benefits.
All three need to be taken care of and appreciated. 


Every addiction is caused by a decline in dopamine receptors. What used to make you happy, doesn’t anymore, because you don’t have enough receptors left to take in dopamine. Watch episode 6 of “Your brain on porn” for details.

By going cold turkey, , your brain starts to adjust and re-build those receptors. And you re-adjust to achieve happiness and pleasure from ‘normal’ activities and input. Using the subtle Mindgasm pleasures as lead to follow can help a lot during this “re-calibration”.

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