Hello my friend!

We are going to exercise today! Your muscles need to gain strength! 
Let’s start with a Big Squeeze right away!

How long should you exercise?

This is different for everyone, how developed your muscles are.
You should never feel pain. You should enjoy it. If your muscles feel sore the next day, you overdid it. 
As every-body is different, there is no fixed timeframe. Listen to your body – you will feel it, when the muscles are too exhausted. Or if you need a few more minutes to get going. 

Mindgasm is about re-discovering your body and how it feels – so make sure to really listen to it.
And respect the message it sends.
For some, 15 minutes per day is more than enough. Others enjoy 90 minute sessions.
It also depends a lot on the intensity of the flexes. If you choose to go for level 8-9 flexes for a session, you’ll be exhausted in no time. Which is fine if you want to gain strength. But if you want to spend time on gaining detailed control, it makes sense to go for medium squeezes. We’ll talk about this approach in 2 days. 
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Vibration without exhaustion - possible?

While vibration from exhaustion is a great way in the beginning, over time you’ll also learn how to create this vibration with the help of your body’s memory.
Compare it to shivering from cold. Either you are so cold that you can’t stop your body from shivering. But there’s also that zone in between, when you are just cold enough to start shivering on command; and to turn it off again. If you did this on a regular basis, you’d become able to shiver even when warm, just because you know exactly how it feels to induce the shivers. Now stop trying and read on 😉

Whenever you do a few sets of the Big Squeeze, or if you are just scanning for your Sweetspot, try to get the vibrations going, even without the muscle exhaustion. At some point it’ll click, and you’ve gained control over another pleasure inducing button.


If you don’t feel pleasure from the Big Squeeze yet, that is okay! For most it takes more than just a few days  of contractions to get consistent feelings going. You don’t paint a masterpiece in the first week you learn painting. But make sure to have fun along the way! Mindgasm should never feel like a chore you have to do. More like a welcome pause from everything else today.
A little 30 minute wellness retreat, some time just for yourself and your body. This daily retreat helps your brain to create and enforce the neural pathways to the Source. Pleasure will come with it.


In the “Feelings” series, you learn about the sensations you might experience along your journey. There are many of them and they are each worth exploring, once you encounter them.
Everybodys journey and feelings will be different, but it helps to learn about a few of the most common sensations and how to play with them.

Shivers- The Excited Muscle

This is usually the first pleasure that you’ll encounter. You can only prepare the stage, for example by vibrating your sweetspot with the Big Squeeze.

What shivering feels like:

Shivers are quick pulses of your muscles (1-3 pulses per second) kind of swinging/oscillating around a sweetspot. They often are irregular, chaotic in frequency and intensity, mixing short intense spikes with light pulsing.

They are often accompanied by sensations like warmth and tingling.

Shivers tend to spread, outwards if they continue for longer. Sometimes wide into your pelvic floor, sometimes “up” into your genitals.

Though they are involuntary, once they are happening, with a little practice and light focus you can learn to move them, even into other body parts. Experiment!