Hello my friend!

How are you today? 
Are you good? Maybe need a little cheer up?
That’s better. 🙂
If you think about it, you are probably doing this whole challenge thing to feel better. And hopefully you already notice some positive effects – even though temptation still remains strong at times. Or is it starting to fade to the background already?
The last days have created a situation for you, that makes positive change easy. 
Little nudges in the right direction can make a real difference. Trying out something new, like you did with this challenge. How about actively use the momentum of this? It might even make the challenge itself easier, if you find a good combination, that suits your uniqe personality.
I’ve prepared a few starting points. Let this list inspire you.


You probably did quite a few long contractions yesterday, discovering your sweetspot. So today it’s a good idea to rest, meditate and use the free time to really go through the list and find something to improve.

Bonus Exercise: 
Go outside.  Sit down somewhere close your eyes and listen for 2+ minutes. Just listen with closed eyes and be present in the moment. 

If you still want to do some flexes, here are a few quickes:




Some nice food for thought: