Hello my friend!
Today marks the beginning of your second week! Congratulations for lasting this far.

Are you ready to level up your Mindgasm game? 
I sure hope so, because today, you will learn about your Sweetspot.


Simplified, the Sweetspot is a certain range of contractions. Holding a contraction at those levels leads to increased pleasure. It’s not easy to put into words, so instead of long descriptions, take 30 minutes and do today’s exercise.


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In the “Feelings” series, you will learn about the sensations you might experience along your journey. There are many of them and they are each worth exploring, once you encounter them.
Everybodys journey and feelings will be different, but it helps to learn about a few of the most common sensations and how to play with them.

VIBRATIONS - The Exhausted Muscle

This is what the Sweetspot-lesson works with. The “Big Squeeze” is a technique that shows you how to vibrate the Base and Center around a sweetspot of muscle contraction and pleasure.

What it feels like:
Shivering, very high frequency vibrations faster than 3 per second. Comparable to the involuntary muscle shivers when you are freezing.
It doesn’t necessarily feel pleasurable, especially if your brain hasn’t learned to interpret the signals from your source as pleasure.

Vibrations can be induced by exhausting your muscles beyond their limit – like the weightlifter trembling at the last repetitions. 
You can’t control these kinds of vibrations, only create conditions to induce them – hence they are described as involuntaries.