Hello my friend!
Yesterday you heard about the reason for your urge. you want to hit that instant access dopamine button.
It is important that you acknowledge that this craving is strong!  You are tricking your evolutionary brain. The human brain is strong.
The first step to surmounting is acknowledging. Know your body.
Whenever today you feel the urge and you are triggered to go masturbate – become aware of it:
First, realize where the crave comes from. Your body is asking for a dopamine reward! 
How does it feel? Is it a physical feeling? Or is it an intrusive thought maybe?
Does it fade if you stop giving it attention?
If you acknowledge a spontaneous urge in this way, analyzing it as observer, it helps a lot in calming it down to a level where you are ready to move on.
If you still feel tempted to give into the urge and actually have privacy do so, use this private time to do a meditation instead. Go to the app to start!
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Here’s a first hand description of how the first Mindgasm of a user felt like. It’s different for everyone and this is just one of many examples. Don’t chase this experience, but use it as motivation. These are the intensity levels you will learn to reach if you continue your training.

“After warming up with the Equilibrium Meditation I started with lesson 6 in the app. I did it once with Allies guidance, following her instructions closely. Already I noticed that today I was in sync. I really felt the sensations Allie mentions. It was a great start and I had lots of pleasure coming in waves, rising and rising each time.
I then switched to the lesson 6&7 pleasure edit, keeping my full focus on the Source all the time.

Which was easy, because by this point, the source was incredibly sensitive to the lightest thought, everything felt very clear and distinct. The signals my source sent, were louder than any other sensation in my body. Actually I think that is when I started to leave reality.
I only consist of this point, this feeling. The source is becoming a bright star, outshining everything.
No more thoughts, nothing. 
Pleasure grows, although it is already so infinite that it fills my whole being. 

The whole body begins to contract upwards, inwards, it feels indescribably wonderful. And incredibly powerful. I could not oppose this power – if I wanted to. which I don’t! Because the feeling is… divine. Divine bliss. 
During the peaks of these pleasure waves, my eyes roll back, and really see stars, dots of light blinking up. Then I kind of blank out – but am still there. Space become meaningless. It’s just this sea of pleasure. I pant heavily. I can’t help but moan, although I am usually very quiet. My spine arches upwards, as if all energy is pushing through my source into the universe and at the same time i receive everything and so much more back from this universe. I am hooked into the most powerful source of energy i have ever been able to feel. Time becomes meaningless. Has it been seconds? Minutes? An hour?

I guess these orgasmic waves probably last between 15 and 60 seconds. Longer is hardly possible, as i involuntarily hold my breath during this time. Still it feels like all eternity and time standing still.
After a peak, the waves die down a bit, but the valleys are just as beautiful. Crystalline, intricate. delicate, precious. like a blanket of untouched fresh snow.
I think the pleasure level of those valleys is probably still close to regular orgasm pleasure. But that thought is washed away by the next wave.  The waves themselves come in groups, in cycles.

When one cycle ends, I am torn between laughing and crying. I laugh. It’s a deep laugh, coming from deeep inside. What did I just experience?! Should I try if I can repeat that? Will it work? I flex the source and .. Hell Yeah!
This goes on 4-5 cycles, spanning maybe 60 minutes.
And each cycle it seems to become even more intense than the previous , the waves even higher. At some point reality breaks down completely and words as we know them become insufficient to describe the experience. 

no thoughts.

I feel love.“


During the first days you likely experience constant horniness. Little things can trigger arousal. 
If you find it difficult to ignore or avoid this constant influx, that’s very normal. 
But perceiving arousal as a problem is what actually creates the problem in the first place.
So change that perspective.
Face it! 
Turn on science mode and observe what is really happening in your body, when a wave of arousal tries to carry you away.
Whenever today such a wave of arousal hits you and horniness won’t calm on its own, return to this page and start this written exercise:
Focus on the feeling your arousal causes. How that urge actually feels physically in your pelvic floor. It might tingle. Vibrate. Maybe like needing to pee, but in a very pleasant way.
Pay attention to it. Where exactly do you feel it? Is it only in your primary sexual organ? 
If so, bend it out, scan around, go deeper towards your spine. Can you feel something there too? Focus on that!
You can use a quick horny thought to re-light the sensation – but make extra sure not to linger with these thoughts and only focus on the feelings as soon as anything emerges.
That’s what we call the Source in Mindgasm. It is not only that muscle group, but it is the source of Mindgasm-pleasure. If you are only used to listening to the loud primary, you might have never noticed the underlying source. Especially if your focus was distracted by external input like porn.

But if you tune into that deeper feeling, and really focus all your awareness on it…   things will happen. Pleasure will spark and evolve. Sometimes in baby steps, sometimes with a flash. This Source is the realm where Mindgasms are born. 

So from now on, whenever you feel horniness in your pelvic floor, ignore the primary call and shift your focus on the Source, on that deeper feeling. You’ll find it easier when you are horny to feel your source on it’s own. Use this to your advantage.

Don’t perceive arousal as something negative! It’s great, a powerful, driving force. That you are now learning to handle like humans learned to handle fire. And use it for your own good. It gives you energy and motivation, strength to get stuff done.  
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The last days were exhausting. especially if you never exercised your pelvic floor muscles before.
Today your body gets a day off! Do a few flexes if you need, but keep them very light and give your muscles a day rest.

Today, we’ll focus on mindset instead. Because the second huge part of Mindgasm is .. your Mind!
You need to be deeply relaxed and aware of your body. And meditation will help you to achieve this.

The Equilibirum Meditation below is a body scanning exercise that goes through all your bodyparts from toes to your head.
It takes 20 minutes and gets you into a calm and meditative state. Lie down comfortably in a save space to do it.

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  • It’s best to lay down comfortably in a safe space. With a little experience you can also do it on your commute or in a work break.
  • If you are unfamiliar with the Top you can still do this Meditation. Just keep focussing on your Source when Allie mentions the Top. We’ll get to it in week 3.
  • If you have trouble breathing in sync with the music, just choose your own tempo. It’s about awareness and relaxation – not duration.



Eckhart Tolle “Stepping into awareness” – you are either going to love or hate this
Article “The Neuroscience of Pleasure”