Hello my friend!

It’s good to see you back. The urge is getting stronger, isn’t it? Intrusive thoughts about sex increase. Your body keeps reminding you, that it wants that dopamine hit! And it will get it – on your terms! Learning the muscle contractions is only the first step. You might already feel small tingles from the exercises. This month you are learning how grow them into pleasure waves and even super orgasms. You are holding back shallow pleasure, to unlock deep pleasure. Skipping classic  masturbation today is a small price in comparison. You can do it! Always remember why you are doing this!
And for those moments, when the body is strong and the mind is weak, before you fail, hit the emergency button. You’ll find it on every day from now on:
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Doctor to patient: You really need to stop masturbating.
Patient: Why? Is it unhealthy?
Doctor: No, but I can’t examine you like this.
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Part 3 is about the Limbic Brain and why Porn is so uniquely addictive, targeting inbuilt wiring in your brain to take over control. It also explains why your brain is not ready to resist this addiction but instead it has evolved to embrace this addiction. Understanding this is key to success.


Where does that strong urge come from? What causes it?
What you actually crave is the dopamine, usually released through orgasm.
One of the deepest desires of every living organism is spreading your genes and creating offspring. Orgasms used to be the incentive and reward for successful propagation.
Well, the idea was nice, but your smart mammal brains figured out a way to bypass propagation. And still win the reward: Masturbation. 
It is escpecially widespread among primates, but pretty much all mammals figured it out, so you are in good company. There are some fascinating behaviours to be found in the animal kingdom. Read this wikipedia article if you are curious to learn how they do it on the discovery channel 😉

With masturbation, evolution basically created an easily accessible pleasure button. At your hands disposal. Anytime anywhere. It has some limitations, but still, it changes a lot, once you discover it. 

Dopamine is actually released in anticipation of orgasm, so it encourages you to go further, browse for a new, better video.. 

How can you enjoy your days if you stop that regular dopamin input? 
By replacing them with a more sustainable way: So move on to todays exercises!

"When dopamine rises, so does your motivation to act."

unknown A.I.


More, fresh exercises for your Source, Base and Center.  You can also visit previous days anytime, for example to do lesson 1 again.
Tomorrow will be a relaxation day, to give your muscles time to recover, so knock yourself out today!
Just remember, these exercises can be exhausting- but they should never be painful.



Interesting open minded 10 Minute video on the potential dangers of porn