Hello my friend!

Welcome to day 2!
I hope you slept well and had a nice start into your day.
It is likely that by now you are starting to feel it – that urge. Your thoughts might drift off to something arousing more often. A comparably harmless image might catch your attention and cause some reaction in your pelvic floor.
Don’t beat yourself up about it – just don’t beat IT 😉

Those feelings are absolutely normal and okay. Especially if you are used to daily masturbation, your body is just asking for what it usually gets. You broke this routine and your well trained mind and body are asking you for the usual pleasure hit!

And if that pleasure hit and dopamine release doesn’t come, because you don’t come? Your mind will think of it even more. 
It can be hard to ignore these thoughts and calls for action. The best way is to answer them? With a different response – the Mindgasm way. So start by scrolling down to the exercises and get going!
In case of emergency, read through this.
Leave unread if you’re good, you’ll get the chance to read it when you need it.


If you watch porn on a regular basis, your brain gets trained to react to a superstimulus. A few thousand years ago, you would meet only a handful of potential mates in a lifetime. When that finally happened, your brain reacted heavily. The same brain now is offered the same within minutes. How could it say no to such a superstimulus and dopamine reward.

Is it a wonder if real life can start to seem .. underwhelming”? The things that used to trigger a rush of dopamine and feelgood chemicals now don’t do it anymore. They just stimulus – and that can’t compete with “super”.

Male monkeys pay to see pictures of female monkeys bottoms!
What sounds like a joke was a real experiment. Male monkeys traded in their supply of sweets to see images of female monkeys bottoms. So, you are in good company.

Getting a quick fix of superstimulus through a porn fueled masturbation session is so accessible and can be very satisfying – short term.
It’s so easy to follow down this road. The older, lizard parts of our brain naturally are drawn there.
It takes your conscious human mind to counter that.

The goal of this month is to re-calibrate your feel-good chemistry. So that a normal stimulus is enough to activate your reward system. By cutting out the superstimulus of porn (and reducing others) you go through a short withdrawal phase.
But after a few days your brain starts to re-calibrate the feelgood chemistry to be distributed at normal, realistic daily events. You will soon notice this happening – and find pleasure in small things. (◦‿◦)


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Part 2 is about the Coolidge Effect and Why Porn addiction is so uniquely addictive and uses inbuilt wiring in your brain to take over your brain. It also explains why your brain is not ready to resist this addiction instead it has been trained to embrace this addiction.


"The only shame in masturbation is the shame of not doing it well."



Yesterday you learned about Base and Center.  Use the exercises below to train these muscles throughout the day. Always lookout for pleasure – but don’t force it. It needs to come naturally. But if a tingle happens, your focus can amplify it into more! 
If you struggle to distinct Base and Center, that is absolutely normal. Flexing one, the other will automatically flex with it. The distinction will improve over time. Fake it till you make it!

Choose your own contraction level, if I don’t suggest a level. 
To train distinction and pleasure sensitivity, a level range from 4-6 is good.
To train strength and stamina, go for levels 6-8. 
Levels 9-10 are for short pulses only, and should only be used sparsely.






On Hyperstimulation:
3 Brain Systems That Control Your Behavior: Reptilian, Limbic, Neo Cortex: