Hello my friend!

So you really made it!!
30 days. of restraint – and of discovery.
I hope you like what you found.

There is not much to say, beyond: Congratulations.

There still remain secrets, a month is not enough time to discover (and learn) all of Mindgasm. But you have plenty of time now. We’ll catch up in the app.
Thanks for being an open minded human being!
Let’s meet again soon.
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So how to go on from here?

The challenge pages will stay online and evolve.
You can revisit a topic, or re-start the challenge whenever you want. (inofficial start every months 1st)
The audio-exercises will soon move into the new app, where you’re able to create, store and share your own sessions.

This challenge was an experiment – and it looks like it was successful. 
Things will evolve from here.

Just like you!

Let’s stay connected in Discord – I’m reading all.
If you enjoyed this month, consider becoming a 
pro member to support the project and keep access to all the advanced stuff!

The Conductor