Hello my friend!

Your third week is nearly complete! You rock!
And as it already is tradition, today is Workout Day and for the first time you’ll combine ALL you have learned until into a longer session.
Feel free to do a leg workout before it.
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Pleasure can be disconnected from sexual arousal.
By now you likely experience light tingles randomly throughout the day. Not the ones that call for masturbation. Those still happen too, when you see a sexy image somewhere, and you feel arousal rising.
But your source sending a signal to your brain, sparking a little pleasure. That might even grow, if you focus on it. 
The difference between those two, is that one comes with sexual arousal, the other doesn’t.
Your brain might confuse both for the same, because.. well pleasure from your genital-area usually has sex involved.
Next time you feel a random source tingle, pay close attention. Is there really any sexual arousal involved? Did it come with horny thoughts?
If you unlocked the Top muscle, try to flex it and cause a little tingle. Do it now. Spark some pleasure, wake up your source.
And if any sexual thought is triggered, acknowledge it and let it go. Just you and that tiny tingle. It can stay, even when sex is out of the equasion.
Source pleasure itself is neutral pleasure.
It is more like “goosebumps from music” pleasure. Putting your hands deep into dry rice, lowering a cold metal chain into the palm.
It’s tempting to use the word “love”.
Mindgasm is making love to yourself.
Classic masturbation is fucking yourself.
No judgement in the terms. everybody loves fucking.
Just understand the different approach and possibilities each offer.
“Sex without love is nothing more than a complex form of masturbation.”
That may be true. But masturbation done with love and awareness, is self care.


“Don't knock masturbation. It's sex with someone you love.”