Hello my friend!

It’s day 15 – the beginning of Week 3.
And it’s time to get your Mojo going. 

You’ve learned about Base and Center – but there is still one missing: The Top. 
And for many, this is where it gets really interesting. Where the real pleasure starts. 

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You need to be unblocked to fully let go and receive pleasure.

The goal of meditation is to reach a calm aware state. To be fully in the now.
You can only be calm, if you don’t have any important background tabs open in your brain.
Thoughts about the past or from the future are what keep you away from the NOW.

There are high priority tabs:
“I forgot to turn off the stove!” or “I need to make that appointment on time”

There are general tabs: “what if my kid fails class this year?”

There are external tabs & popups: *mosquito bzzzzzz*

There are random tabs: “why did that person on the bus look at me like that?”

Loads of tabs pop up if you go silent and stop doing anything.
Your brain finally has time to process all it experienced today. And it is good to take time to let it process. You do it naturally in your sleep and dreams.
But it’s also part of meditation. You will notice quickly what keeps your mind busy when you go silent and meditate.

Priorities: Some thoughts matter now, some don't

If you are new to meditation you will often follow every thought, trying to process it and work through it. Which is perfectly fine, if you left the stove on, or someone is shouting your name, deal with it!

But other thoughts are not important NOW. Sure, you need to buy groceries, but that is not important in this very moment of relaxation. You’ll deal with it when time comes.
Become aware of unimportant thoughts. Accept them, file under “later” and return to a calm source focus. Doing this regularly trains your brain to do that on autopilot, and your mind is freed from a lot of unnecessary noise.

Your mind keeps replaying the things that your heart can't let go

There will be times when your sessions feel blocked. No tingles, no pleasure. You do your exercises and techniques, but it feels like trying to light a fire with wet wood.
Something is standing in the way. And you need to find and work through the issue that stops your mind from letting go. If you have impending doom looming and are in a constantly stressed out state, your mind won’t let real pleasure happen. The reward center will only reward you, if you ‘deserve’ it. It needs to get out of the “alert” state and find calm acceptance, before it is receptive for deep pleasure.

Here’s what one user shared about this:
“My rides just weren’t great for a few weeks – I thought I had lost my ability to feel the tingles and build them into pleasure waves. Just stayed meh, and I usually gave up after half an hour of trying, finishing with an unsatisfying classic orgasm at least.

You know what helped? I had been delaying fixing a leaky roof; I had major work-stress with looming deadlines, and a good friend was seriously ill.

Once the deadlines passed, I fixed the roof and on the same evening, my friend got released from hospital.
That evening, I had the greatest session EVER! All the tension was released and the feelings returned 10 fold! 

I experienced my first super-orgasm that night.. (5 or 6 actually).”