Hello my friend!

Today is another exercise day! You train those muscles well and have fun along. 😉
Let’s give your base and center a real good workout, before introducing the top in few days.

Love, Allie (◦‿◦) 


Let’s spice things up a bit. 🙂
Starting today, you will turn your showers to cold.

“Oh NO, never gonna happen!! I need my warm, comfy shower…”
It’s fine, you can keep that luxury.
But you’ll add a layer of cold at the end. Not because you will feel fresh, warm and energized afterwards. You will, but that’s a nice bonus.
Taking a cold shower teaches you an important lesson about Acceptance.
When at the end of your regular, comfy warm shower you turn it to max cold rapidly, you will squeek and flail around. At least the first few times. Because you are only allowed to step out of the cold, once you own the situation. Once you return to a calm and accepting state.
This is your situation now and you can deal with it.
You become an external observer. You still feel the cold. And the urge to shiver and move away. But you stay, because it doesn’t matter anymore. It might take a few attempts until you reach that state of mind. 
Experiencing this moment of calm, accepting clarity, that is what cold showers are about.
And it is just the very same accepting state that will help you during sweetspot pleasure. When you feel it build up, and are tempted to do something, gotta react or else… then you remember that it is in your power to not move away. And just accept the things that are now happening  with you.
So if you want to try this, the rules are simple:
1.End every shower you take by rapidly changing to cold.
2. Stay in the cold water until you are able to return to calmness, accepting the cold.
3.Start that day fresh and clear!


Do it! It takes 1 minute of your day, one small decision to turn that knob to cold – and it will help you understand the Mindgasm mindset of “letting go”.

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The experience of the community shows that a good leg workout prior to a session can heighten the pleasure potential, so do a good leg workout, for example this 20 minute workout on youtube,
This is optional and mostly targeted at those who already work out.
If you are untrained, go slow, obviously and be prepared for sore muscles tomorrow.

In general: Keeping your body in shape will benefit you in many ways. 
Move more, and take a nice walk outside regularly.



In the “Feelings” series, you learn about the sensations you might experience along your journey. There are many of them, each worth exploring once you encounter them.

Everybody’s journey and feelings will be different, but it helps to learn about a few of the most common sensations and how to play with them.

SPIKES - The Locking Muscle

Spikes are short but extremely intense contractions of your whole pelvic floor, often including your belly muscles or other parts of your body. Spikes have a quick buildup, ranging from 0.5 to 2 seconds and then release only slowly over 10+ seconds. 

What Spikes feel like:

Intense! You have this nice slow pleasure buildup – suddenly it speeds up and becomes too much too fast. Your muscles tense up quickly, and it feels like they are locked in that contraction, leaving you with little control. Spikes can be deeply pleasurable but also be borderline uncomfortable or even frightening.

Forcefully trying to relax it becomes possible after a few seconds, but this often comes with a (perceived) loss in session progress. 

To avoid this, try not to relax completely but return to a conscious light flex around 2-3 with a muscle of your choice. By keeping a light contraction, you’ll find it easier to return to your sweetspot.

Yyes, pleasure often drops down after a spike, but that is just temporary.Continue with your session and the overall median pleasure level will continue to rise. Don’t let a single spike stop you but use it as a stepping stone.


My penis was in the Guinness book of records.
But then the librarian asked me to take it out.