Hello my friend!

 Welcome to Day 6! You did quite a workout yesterday, didn’t you? 
Are your muscles feeling a bit sore? If so, enjoy it! It’s the proud pain of real achievement! Go slow today. As with every muscle training, it is recommended to work out one day, then pause one or two, to give the muscle time to recharge and grow. Same with the Base and Center. 
Feel free to do some mild contractions if you want, but don’t go above level 5 today!

Find support from other open minded human beings

The community that started to grow around Mindgasm is very special. Everyone is welcoming and helpful. There is little judgement but lots of empathy. People are sharing their progress, where they get stuck – and what helps to get unstuck. 

So if you don’t want to go through this challenge alone, make sure to hop on our Discord. Or post at our Subreddit. Share your experience of this week, exchange with others, ask questions, help others with your unique perspective. Let’s just meet up and talk a bit! You are not alone.

Be sure to meet some of our veterans live, ask them questions – for they will also be there today (depending on the timezone their habitat is located. Read some bits of their wisdom below

I wish I knew how much your mental desire for sexual pleasure fee into physical enjoyment. Best tip would be that the feeling of the prostate is easy to find but difficult to interpret, so believe what you’re feeling.

Try not to think you've failed or beat yourself up if things don't go the way you want. Take a break and come back to it another time. Don't force something that's not gonna happen. Take your time.

Mindgasm is like an adventure. Enjoy all new techniques, all new feelings and all new possibilities ! Be open! And sometimes it‘s like doing a Jigsaw Puzzle: from time to time you find a new piece 🧩 and …. more and more is possible. Enjoy the unexpected! 🏜 Explore! 🧭

Asking Experienced Mindgasmers

"what is something you wish you knew when you started this journey? What is your number one tip for a newbie?"

When developing your skills and connection to pleasure, "not chasing the orgasm" is a term you hear often, and is good advice.

If you flip that advice over, and look at it from the other side, you might find something akin to: "spend time learning to enjoy pleasure; simply, and earnestly. pleasure itself can be cultivated into something that can be sustained, gently ebbing and flowing you to states that you were previously unable to perceive."

So, yeah, it may sound counter intuitive, but don't worry about the orgasms... they will come naturally as a result of pleasure.

Orgasms may be one of the destinations (plural!), but making them your goal is a surefire way to do nothing but stay rooted to the spot you're currently in.

Quoting Harrington Emerson: """As to methods there may be a million and then some, but principles are few. The man who grasps principles can successfully select his own methods. The man who tries methods, ignoring principles, is sure to have trouble.”""

A key to success is belief in yourself and what you feel. Even if you at first think there’s a “fake feeling”, or a “fake quivering”, would it matter, so long as you enjoy it?! Fake away, onward and upward!

I wish I had known just how important mindset truly was on this journey. You can want this all you want, but you have to go into this all with a certain child like wonderment, inquisitive mind and awe. Not trying to force any experience, it just won’t happen that way.

#1 Advice: Remember back to your first time ever masturbating. You had no idea what awaited you, so you let things happen naturally. Approach Mindgasm the same way.

If things start to happen, continue doing exactly what you did. Become an observer. You'll be tempted to control and change something. "if I do more of this it will cause more of that.." but that won't work.
Just give pleasure a space to evolve on its own. It naturally will grow, if you do that and just pay attention to it.
You're responsible for setting the stage - then hand over to the main actor pleasure. Enjoy the play!


"You never really know you are addicted until you try to quit."

In the final episode of “your brain on porn” by the incredible Youtube channel “FreeMedEducation“, you get to find out if your old porn habits count as an addiction. If this turns out to be true, don’t be disappointed. You already did the first steps, you became aware, and you are 6 days into recovery. Use the momentum, use the awareness and keep going! You got this!  (◦‿◦)

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After yesterdays heavy workout, I suggest you take a little break.
If you want, go back through the previous days, do the exercises you liked most. But keep the flex intensity low, under 5. 



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