DeterminedSpark - 6/24/2023

"Gratitude and Growth: My Mindgasm Adventure"

Thank you, (The Conductor) for Mindgasm and (Advanced Player) and all the guys here on the Discord server for the great coaching and feedback! After about 7 weeks of practicing, I’ve achieved a dry-O, and if it wasn’t a super-O, hot damn, I’ve still got a lot of great things in store for me!

I progressed quickly through the first 5 lessons. I was getting pleasurable sensations on my first try with Lesson 1…

Increasing the Pleasure

Full disclosure, as a gay man I’m no stranger to prostate stimulation. I also have done a lot of energy work and mindfulness meditation over the years. I’d had pleasant sensations a few times when just sitting in meditation. I was so excited when I discovered Mindgasm last month. This seemed like a perfect fit.

I felt like I was on the verge of orgasm doing mostly Lesson 5 for two or three weeks. I finally moved onto Lesson 6 and on my third try, I finally got there.

The app is so exceptionally well designed. The community here is so very supportive. The entire journey has been *exquisite*. I’m so looking forward to what’s next on this path!



A Taste Of Bliss

So (a very original way to start a message, I know), I'm pretty new to Mindgasm, about 5 days to be exact. I've been going at lesson 1, then 1 & 2, and for the last 3 nights, I've been going at lessons 1-3 with
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Sweet Spot Found

So I am at day 8, and getting home from work, decided to do some searching for that elusive Sweet spot. I was a bit sceptical, because although all sessions were nice and relaxing, I didn't really feel any vibrations, or pleasure so far...
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Unexpected Turns

Story Time!! Even the best of us can forget our own advice and fall. Yesterday, I was primed for what I thought would be an amazing session. I was feeling the itch, I was doing chair flexes all day, I did a good leg workout
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