XT Wolf — 11/07/2023

"Discovering Peace: My Journey Beyond Release"

I’ve had a sort of… not revelation, but the word I want eludes me.

For years I had nearly religiously masturbated every single day. Sometimes multiple times. Thinking back, many of those times I wasn’t even really horny, but that serotonin release  is what I was after.

Serotonin Sensation

That has become significantly more notable with Mindgasm, as certain sensations are still present, arousal still comes easy, but the urge to masturbate has diminished heavily. The MG exercises still provide that serotonin, just not quite on the spike levels that masturbation provides on climax.

But something cool I never thought possible. Just doing a big squeeze here and there makes me feel physically good, and mentally calmer. And I can do this gently for the entire day if I want. A subtle but constant brain happy chemical.

Mindgasm Zen Mode

Maybe. I don’t know the science behind that all so I might be blowing steam but point is, I hardly masturbate anymore, even before NNN, and don’t feel those urges to do so. I’m in a much better place mentally (as far as horny goes) and physically (for other reasons) and honestly, I’m more stress free these days. Is it Mindgasm? My own mechanisms? Not sure. But I do know that since I’ve started MG just months ago, I’ve felt overall more chill. Just thought I’d share.



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