New OS & the No Nut November Special

After 15 months of development the Mindgasm Project has finally reached a huge Milestone:
On November the 1st, it’s finally time to switch to Allies new operating system: Neural OS 1.0
To celebrate, let’s start a new, yearly tradition:
during No Nut November!
The Mindgasm Project is all about removing shame and spreading the word. Allie wants to educate and empower you by unlocking your true sexual potential.
But people have a hard time believing the ridiculous claims and testimonials. So from now on, every year, you get a full  month to find out if the stories are true for yourself. No $, no signup, no catch:

Why are Mindgasm and NNN such a good match?


Starting Mindgasm training requires::

  • heightened sensibility to natural arousal
  • focus on internal sensations instead of external input
  • accumulation of sexual energy to cross a treshhold
  • time and motivation to train and develop this skill

No Nut November

Stopping classic masturbation causes:

  • buildup of sexual tension and urges to intense levels
  • taking away porn & masturbation causes arousal from light, natural triggers
  • no way to release the accumulating pressure
  • loosing me-time that needs a replacement activity
Can you see how the combination of Mindgasm and NNN creates a feedback loop? It increases the success-rate of both exponentially,  symbiosis, a win-win.
To learn Mindgasm you need to become still and listen to what lies inside.

Visual stimulation from porn combined with manual stimulation will drown any of these subtle internal sensations. Picture riding down in a fast elevator, how it creates butterflies in your pelvis.
Now add a quick thought of your kink, the thing that gets you off. And notice the feeling in your pelvis!

THAT is the feeling Mindgasm works with.

The longer you abstain from fapping, the easier it becomes to tune into this subtle pleasure.
No Nut November raises the iintensity and volume of that pleasure, while drowning out the noise and distraction of porn and masturbation.

Once you have learned this skill and formed the necessary neural connections through Allies training, classic masturbation shifts from being your main goal to an optional bonus.. Naturally and effortless. Instead of depriving you of sexual self pleasure, you unlock a deeper, more intense and lasting pleasure.

You will transition from being a slave to your urges to being Master of your sexuality. 

Stop fapping and level up your pleasure to new heights: