MindlessPhilosopher - 2/09/2024

My First Super-O!

I needed a couple of hours to process what happened yesterday; an experience so intense, so emotional, so overwhelming, so euphoric and so completely out of control, which, without a shadow of a doubt, I can only describe as my first super-o.
It was wonderful, and I’m still in disbelief. A whole new dimension opened up for me, and ironically, it was only the day before yesterday that somebody had told me they had no doubt I would make it to this level. It wasn’t that I didn’t believe it, but I didn’t have the faintest idea I was this close already, although I saw more good progress lately with finding deep relaxation more easily and consistently. Yesterday morning I had made a rough plan of hoping to proceed to level 7 within the next three months. That’s null and void, I can move on whenever the time feels right to do the Stairway with Allie’s guidance, and Orbit, the two remaining pieces to complete Mindgasm school. I’m thrilled this is now within my reach, not still months away.

WOW! What happened?

So what happened? I had had a great session earlier in the day with a long and intense mindgasm when I was practising day 8 of the challenge. (It might not be the most suitable course for me anymore, but it seems like every time I get something important out of it. The last time was NNN.) Later, I had an urge to treat myself to the instrumental Stairway. To this day, I have never done the guided lesson 7 with Allie, but I did listen to the music a few times and loved it. It had been a while, and it seemed the perfect moment. I was in the zone when I decided to prolong the session and started the ride. Had a few long intense peaks stacked on top of the mindgasm, and by this time it was already my best ever session. I let my body do its thing and tried my best not to interfere. Beautiful!

Emotionally and Physically in Sync

Around midway of the ride, I felt that my body and pleasure were in sync with the music. And that was when things went through the roof and skyrocketed. Complete loss of control. I would have been powerless to stop it, had I wanted to. The first thing was probably that my eye lids began to flutter, which I had not had like that before. Then I felt the intense accumulated sexual pleasure turn into an overwhelming emotional experience.

I was shaking and started laughing and crying at the same time, I don’t know. I couldn’t even tell what emotions I had. I alternated between shedding tears, fits of laughter and gasping for air.

Can’t say how long it took me to realize what was going on, but every time the thought that I was having my first super-o would fuel my fits of laughter. My face got burning hot all of a sudden, and then it was tingling really strong, like my Source, accompanied by onset of dizziness. Totally new sensations. As if the energy from the Source had risen up. I could keep the tingles alive and even increase them through focus, as much as I was still able to focus on something at all. I had lost track of what my Source was doing, it did not feel sexual anymore.

Is this all real?

For about a quarter of an hour, I was a quivering mess and could hardly hear the music anymore. I had left reality. I tried to calm down, but to no avail, my body would send me again and again into convulsions. When the ride was over, I lay there for another 15 minutes, trying in vain to compose myself. When would this stop? I doubted I would be able to write about it afterwards.

Finally I got up from the couch, my legs wobbly, my knees trembling, and I hugged the next door frame and was in a fit of laughter again. Washed my face to cool down and had impaired vision and a foggy head for a moment. Then sat down in disbelief, and deeply grateful, to record the experience in writing, to convince myself in the future that it was all real.

A Pleasure Journey up the Stairs

I was over the moon. An experience unlike anything I’ve ever had. I must have climbed several steps of the ladder at once on this occasion. It goes without saying that this took me by surprise, I had zero expectations, did not even hope for something this spectacular. I don’t know if this was a once-in-a-lifetime thing, or in retrospect just a mild entry-level super-o. But right now, I see it as a mega breakthrough. And I dare to hope that there is a lot more out there to discover and experience.

I wrote before that I felt that lesson six might not be the game changer for me, in fact I thought lesson seven could be that. Apparently I was right. And I did not even need Allie this time. But I’m sure that this would not have happened but for the music.

It took me 11 months from the start to get to this point. I’ve never used toys or substances in my journey, I call this minimalistic approach “Mindgasm pure”. It worked beautifully, I believe it was the best route possible for me. And I can honestly say that I would not have wanted it any other way. I never wanted the fastest car to the super-o. I did not make it a goal, nor was I convinced I would make it, even after having had some tastes with lesson six. I preferred to walk, see as much as I could on the journey, find out how far I could go. I still can’t really believe how remarkably well it worked. I must have found my sweetspot of the proper mindset for success.


Some Encouragement for Your Journey

If you are reading this and feel stuck right now, know this: all it takes is your mind. You have everything you need within you. *Never underestimate the power of your mind.*
I’m convinced, more than ever, that “Enjoy your journey” is the single best advice out there that can be given to a newcomer. Love what you are doing with this program. It’s all you need to do. Everything else follows from there.

That’s what I have been doing, and that will help me in the future to avoid chasing this incredible und unforgettable experience I’ve just had.



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