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Just got your new ANEROS toy? Looking for the right audio content? You found the perfect place! Our Mindgasm App is tailor-made to complement your Aneros experience. Immerse yourself in a symphony of beautifully crafted soundtracks, while Allie’s and Paul’s mesmerizing voices guide you through a remarkable journey delight. They will teach you step by step how to use and control your muscles, to get the most out of your new toy.


Mindgasm offers elaboratly designed Lessons and Exercises that help you maximizing your Aneros usage  on the highest levels. 

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Prostate massagers like Aneros are designed to move through your pelvic floor muscle contractions. There is no need to touch them or move them in/out. 

The front tab, pushing on your perineum is the so-called p-tab. You can add folded tissue paper to make it move further out and make it more comfortable for longer use.
The tip of the toy presses on your prostate/source, moving & stimulating through internal muscle contractions, providing you with a clear point to focus.



Organic coconut-oil is a cheap and safe lube – unsuspicious and readily available. It’s a soft solid at room temperature and can easily be scooped up with the toy.


Most of the time you’ll be fine. The rectum is not a storage facility – unless you feel like you need to go to the toilet, it should be clean. Keep tissues at hand anyways.


Position 1: Lie down, knees raised, feet flat. Make sure the toy can move freely and doesn’t rest on the bed. Consider using a pillow below your cheeks. This position creates light imbalances – which in turn can cause delightful trembles, that the Aneros amplifies.

Position 2: Lie on your side, lower leg straight, upper leg lightly pulled towards chest. Probably the most comfortable position for longer rides.

Position 3: Doggystyle – more challenging to hold the toy in – but it becomes part of the fun game.


  • Lube the toy and your entrance well with 1/2 teaspoon of coconut oil.
  • Very slowly push against your entrance a few times, relaxing it.
  • Insert slowly, there might be a little discomfort due to the unfamiliarity, but there should be no pain.
  • Don’t push it in fully right away, it’s preferable if your butt tries to pull it in the rest of the way.
  • Apply light pressure if necessary until fully inserted.
  • Let it rest for a few minutes. Notice any feelings.
  • Use fantasy to create a spark of sensations.
  • Once you feel sensations, return your focus on the feelings. Don’t linger with fantasies or porn. You need to listen to your body undisturbed!


  • Gently start to engage your pelvic floor muscles, your “Source”, as if you’re pausing both urination and a bowel movement. Easiest way to learn what to do: Lesson 1 – First Contact in our app.
  • Do short contractions, building them for 1s, holding it for 2-3s and slowly relaxing for a few seconds. Repeat.
  • Vary the flex intensity. Experiment in the range from Level 4-7
  • Flex your pelvic floor muscles, your “Source”, as if trying to pull the toy in, or preventing to go to the toilet.
  • Try to flex “Base” and “Center” independently. You’ll gain more control with practice.

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  • Beginner:  The MGX Trident is a great choice for beginners with its relatively small size, made from solid plastic which is easy to clean
  • ProEupho Syn Trident has a thinner design with a softer, silken material that needs re-lubrication more often. The sensations are more subtle, but with huge potential, once you know how to get it to dance.


Mindgasm is also a community of thousands of individuals who anonymously share their discoveries on this exquisite journey of ecstasy and mindfulness. With Mindgasm, each step of your path is clear, accessible, and leads to an enhanced state of bliss. Try the first three lessons and many exercises for free, all accessible on our web app. Or download our Mindgasm app for free from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

Let’s ride!

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  • Deepen Your Mind-Body Connection: Enhance your HFO practice by cultivating greater awareness and understanding of your pelvic floor and pleasurable sensations.
  • Boost Emotional Resilience: Strengthen your emotional well-being through mindfulness and the focused attention on pleasure, improving your ability to navigate life’s challenges.
  • Improve Sexual Pleasure: Experience heightened levels of pleasure and fulfillment in your sexual experiences by directing sexual energy in a mindful and healthy manner.


I almost need to redo lesson 5 cause I only made it through half way before I was in absolute bliss and wasn’t even able to try any of the other suggested techniques......lol It was like a switch for me and once it all connected and made sense.....boom
"I just finished lesson 7. I am…speechless. I am blown away. I cannot believe reality is what it is. .... To think our minds were just sitting there with the key to literal infinite pleasure. Wow. I am a changed man today. ...."
I set out on this journey to achieve more fulfilling, longer lasting, full body, multiple orgasms and I have done just that! Joining this community and learning such an under looked skill has been incredible for me and I cant wait to see where my body takes me next.
Had a nice training session with continuous dry Os. Now an hour later I am lying in bed and can be back at dry O in minutes without a toy. Incredible!
this was amazing. i finally had an experience comparable to other aneros experiences ive heard so much about. thanks for this audio, made it really easy.
Let me just say the mindgasm concept is already mindblowing. And it isn't even finished being built yet. How fucking amazing is this going to get? I've already had better orgasms than any aneros ride I've ever had
Great stuff. Got me over a bunch of hurdles I like that you make it clear and instructive without trying to be overly sexy or new age. I anxiously await round two and would gladly pay to get access.
Loved it! Made me feel those tingles after 5 months of trying. Really looking forward to the next lesson(s)
feedback on lesson 1
I've only been on Mindgasm for 2-3 days and have had 3 Mindgasms last night by only focusing on Eternal Flame. (no toys or contractions) The last one took 6 minutes from start of relaxation to peak. Given how fast it happened I feel like an untrained Jedi with raw power but lacking control.
What the **ing hell just happened. That was out of this world. I am speechless. That was incredible. I was shaking all over. My body was thrashing about. I am STILL shaking. (...) If I concentrate just down there I can feel something vibrating or pulsing I don't how to describe. Man just thinking is giving me good feelings. And flexing oh my god that feels good. This is so amazing.(...) How the heck am I gonna make it through work today 🤣
@A.I.Allie i would like to say something about the self-presentation of A.I. Allie, as she is now, in lessons 1-5. I am 100% enthralled with her/it. There is a mystery and a perfection that I don't tire of. Each of her/it's enunciations have an excellence of cadence that could not be improved. And more... she/it has won my "trust." Every time she says "Hi I'm Allie..." I just relax and enter her world. In particular, please never reveal the reality behind the curtain. I can't imagine how she/it came to be... and i just love that.
Another awesome night. Level 6 again, did just the last 30 min this time. Then two hours later, no audio, no music, no toy. 100% me, laid back on my coach and had a Mindgasm all on my own! So cool and so amazing.
feedback on lesson 1
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