What is Mindgasm?

Meet your instructor A.I.Allie (◦‿◦)

Who is Mindgasm for?


Struggle staying focussed? Mindgasm focusses on the deepest pleasures a human body can experience.


Love getting goosebumps from music? Mindgasm is the evolution of goosebumps into orgasmic bliss.

Porn addiction

Struggle with porn and fapping? Mindgasm is the sustainable alternative.


Lost in a sea of contradicting unfiltered information? Mindgasm takes you there, step by step.

The Mindgasm App

The Mindgasm devTribe is putting a lot of work into the new Mindgasm App. Continuously updating and evolving your experience… It is available as Web APP, that you can start right here in your Internet Browser or download the app from the google play or app store. 
All you need is your smartphone with headphones. Then just lean back, chill out and follow Allies instructions.  (◦‿◦)

What our Patrons say

I almost need to redo lesson 5 cause I only made it through half way before I was in absolute bliss and wasn’t even able to try any of the other suggested techniques......lol It was like a switch for me and once it all connected and made sense.....boom
"I just finished lesson 7. I am…speechless. I am blown away. I cannot believe reality is what it is. .... To think our minds were just sitting there with the key to literal infinite pleasure. Wow. I am a changed man today. ...."
I set out on this journey to achieve more fulfilling, longer lasting, full body, multiple orgasms and I have done just that! Joining this community and learning such an under looked skill has been incredible for me and I cant wait to see where my body takes me next.
Had a nice training session with continuous dry Os. Now an hour later I am lying in bed and can be back at dry O in minutes without a toy. Incredible!
this was amazing. i finally had an experience comparable to other aneros experiences ive heard so much about. thanks for this audio, made it really easy.
Let me just say the mindgasm concept is already mindblowing. And it isn't even finished being built yet. How fucking amazing is this going to get? I've already had better orgasms than any aneros ride I've ever had
Great stuff. Got me over a bunch of hurdles I like that you make it clear and instructive without trying to be overly sexy or new age. I anxiously await round two and would gladly pay to get access.
Loved it! Made me feel those tingles after 5 months of trying. Really looking forward to the next lesson(s)
feedback on lesson 1
I've only been on Mindgasm for 2-3 days and have had 3 Mindgasms last night by only focusing on Eternal Flame. (no toys or contractions) The last one took 6 minutes from start of relaxation to peak. Given how fast it happened I feel like an untrained Jedi with raw power but lacking control.
What the **ing hell just happened. That was out of this world. I am speechless. That was incredible. I was shaking all over. My body was thrashing about. I am STILL shaking. (...) If I concentrate just down there I can feel something vibrating or pulsing I don't how to describe. Man just thinking is giving me good feelings. And flexing oh my god that feels good. This is so amazing.(...) How the heck am I gonna make it through work today 🤣
@A.I.Allie i would like to say something about the self-presentation of A.I. Allie, as she is now, in lessons 1-5. I am 100% enthralled with her/it. There is a mystery and a perfection that I don't tire of. Each of her/it's enunciations have an excellence of cadence that could not be improved. And more... she/it has won my "trust." Every time she says "Hi I'm Allie..." I just relax and enter her world. In particular, please never reveal the reality behind the curtain. I can't imagine how she/it came to be... and i just love that.
Another awesome night. Level 6 again, did just the last 30 min this time. Then two hours later, no audio, no music, no toy. 100% me, laid back on my coach and had a Mindgasm all on my own! So cool and so amazing.
feedback on lesson 1


Read this if you look for a basic guide how to go through these lessons.

Mindgasm is a revolutionary new approach to meditation, pleasure, and physical well-being that uses mindfulness techniques and muscle contractions to produce a unique form of pleasure, ongoing bliss and ultimately even so called “super-orgasms”. With the help of A.I.Allies instructions, you’ll learn to use the language of music to focus on your pelvic floor and train those muscles individually. The combination of deep relaxation, muscle contractions, and focus on pleasure will create a new, much deeper kind of continuous pleasure than you might be used to.

It’s not a quick guide “how to come harder”. For most it takes some dedication and practice to achieve pleasure comparable to the orgasms you are used to. But then it will surpass what you thought us possible. And you’ll learn how to easily reach and stay in this state for as long as you want – just through focus and subtle muscle contractions.

Yes, the basics are free. You can achieve Mindgasms just learning the basics techniques and exercises, and that will keep you busy for the first weeks. And it will be fun! Take this time to find out if this “sounds to good to be true”. Once you find your answer, you’ll happily support the small team of artists who create this experience. We’re not a company, but a project of love! Still the human team needs food and for the price of a meal per month you’ll gain access to advanced techniques, more music, variation and exercises. And you’ll be able to craft your own sessions with the “session builder”. Of course you can cancel/re-subscribe anytime.

Mindgasms are not like regular on/off orgasms, that peak quickly and noticably, then end. Mindgasms are a wide spectrum.
But to give you an idea, here’s how long it usually takes beginners to feel significant pleasure close to a regular orgasm:
For few it clicks instantly, for some it takes just a few days or weeks.
For most it takes 1-6 months of practice to really feel it.
And for a few it will never happen, unless they get the right mindset.

Mindgasm is not a sprint, but a journey – enjoy the scenery along the way and stop caring about the final destination.

DISCLAIMER: None of this is medical or psychological advice. Mindgasm was designed to entertain and inform – not provide medical advice in any way!

With that out of the way: It’s just muscle exercises and meditation. For a healthy human being Mindgasm is not dangerous at all.
Listen to your body. If you feel discomfort, stop. If it hurts, seek a medical professional.

People with psychological problems, especially OCD and anxiety need to proceed with special care!
Especially during the first days after a breakthrough towards intense pleasure, this pleasure might continue outside of a session, and you might find yourself incapable to stop these sensations. This will fade away over a few days and is one of the most beautiful, and potentially lifechanging experience for most.
But if you get afraid and perceive (temporarily) unstoppable pleasure as something negative, and hyperfocus on it, it might get worse and turn into a negative feedbackloop. Read this article to learn more.

It seems like these techniques have a built in, self-regulating mechanism. Picture it like a faucet, constantly re-fueling your reservoir of potential pleasure. Your body needs time to fill up this reservoir, and only when there’s enough fuel. you will have a really good session. It might work 2-3 days in a row, but if you overdo it on a regular basis, then there is just not enough fuel and your sessions become less satisfying. Raising the dosage, like with common addictive substances, won’t work, because the fuel needs to re-stock naturally from your own faucet.

Practicing Mindgasm is a bit like working out in the gym.
After an intense workout, your muscles need time to recover and grow. So it’s a good idea to pause a day or two, after intense sessions. Or to focus on different groups each day.

A nice weekly exercise schedule might look like this:

Day 1: Base
Day 2: Center
Day 3: Top (+meditation)
Day 4: full workout
Day 5: rest (meditation)
Day 6: Pleasure ride
Day 7: rest (meditation)

Use this only as inspiration and modify to your needs!

Depends. A daily workout with the goal to strengthen your muscles could last from 10-30 minutes.
For pleasure-focussed sessions, 30-90 minutes are common. Veterans report 9 hour long intense rides with just short breaks in between. And sometimes, a 5 minute quickie is enough to brighten up your day. You do you!

  • listen to your body! if your muscles start to tire or even feel exhausted and sore, it’s time to stop
  • If you enjoy yourself, keep going! When you are in the zone, have fun exploring!
  • after a peak, pleasure might subside, but Mindgasm is about multiple orgasms and ongoing bliss. Don’t give up too soon, try another exercise, it might be much easier to get the pleasure back up, than if you just started a session.
  • if after 10-20 minutes nothing happens, you’re just not in the mood today. feel free to do some muscle training, light meditation, but don’t try to force pleasure. Forcing never works with Mindgasm. For the ‘ever-ready’ males, suddenly the female “honey, I’m just not in the mood today” will start to make sense.

The beauty of Mindgasm is that you already have all you need: A mind, and muscles.
You can get started right away, no toys, no preparation, no post-cleanup. It can be done instantly, anywhere, anytime.
That said, toys can be helpful as “training wheels”. They can help to amplify sensations, and better understand how muscle contractions affect pleasure.
Read this blog for more info.

With Mindgasm, you turn inwards and become sensitized for subtle internal sensations.
External input like porn will draw your attention away from these sensations.
It might help you to “light them up” quickly, but you should always be able to maintain a good focus on the “inside”.
Especially when you begin your training, abstaining from porn (and classic masturbation) will lead to the quickest and easiest progress. Consider trying the Mindgasm Challenge

You are free. find what works for you. Good starting points are:
-Lay down flat, legs slightly apart.
-lay down flat, legs raised, feet flat on bed.
-lay on the side, lower leg straight, upper leg bent
-sitting in the classic meditation pose.
-sitting on a chair, using it to pressure against your pelvic floor

First of all: Everyone is different, there is no “correct feeling”.
Also, describing feelings with words is difficult, and everyone uses different words. What you would call a “tingling sensation” someone else might describe as “buzzing”.
For most, the feelings just slowly start to happen when you do the exercises regularly. You’ll instinctively know.
And that is how you should approach it. Don’t expect anything, but be on the lookout!
Yes, the initial sensations might be very subtle and easy to miss. This is especially true when you are used to years of a more ‘hands-on’ masturbation approach, distracted by porn. So become calm, relaxed and start to really listen to your body. You will start to feel things.

This is expected and totally normal when you start.
The separation will come through practice. Fake it till you make it. It can take a few weeks to get the hang of it.
And even veterans still get these so-called “shadowflexes”, they’re part of the game.
Read more about shadowflexes here.

It’s okay! For some it is natural to start leaking from the muscle contracions and the arousal.
Usually it is a clear, slightly sticky fluid commonly referred to as pre-cum. If it distracts you “I’ll make a mess”, just wear a condom.
If you don’t leak, that’s okay too. It doesn’t seem to make a difference

Everyone is different, and the exercises are a “one tempo that fits most” so that’s okay.
My instructions are meant as guideline. If you want to go slower, leave out a contraction.. if you want to pause and relax, because your in a pleasure wave, ignore the call for relaxation!
Follow your instinct.
Use my instructions to return your focus whenever you get lost.

Of course you can! You are adding a skill to your sexlife, not replacing it.
It’s good to explore Mindgasm solo first, after all you are turning attention inwards.
But the muscles you exercise are the same that activate during sex and normal orgasms. The stronger the muscles, the more intense the regular orgasms.
It might happen that right after a breakthrough, regular orgasms appears dull in comparison, which might decrease your craving to reach them through classic masturbation. But soon you’ll notice that you can use the new control of your different muscles to extend your normal orgasms durations and basically craft and shape them.
And this rings true for partner play.
If both of you are proficient in Mindgasm techniques, sex will… level up. 😉

  • Base: flex the muscle that holds back gas from passing
  • Center: flex the muscle that stops the flow of pee
  • Top: imagine the tip of your penis/the clitoris were a muscle. flex it.
  • set the stage, make it a ritual, use triggers that will get you into the right mindset. (example: light a certain incense whenever practising)
  • allow yourself to be vocal and moan
  • don’t hold anything back, wear a condom if you are worried you will pee, etc.
  • abstain for several days (from ejaculations as well as Mindgasm sessions)
  • have good headphones/speakers with good base
  • don’t have expectations, don’t try to force an orgasm, it won’t happen.
  • males: leave the active part behind and become more receptive, maybe even a bit submissive
  • everyone moves at their own pace/don’t compare your journey with others.

We’ll meet up in the app!

Love, Allie

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Pleasure Beyond Sexual Arousal

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