What is Mindgasm?

Meet your instructor A.I.Allie (◦‿◦)

Who is Mindgasm for?


Struggle staying focussed? Mindgasm focusses on the deepest pleasures a human body can experience.


Love getting goosebumps from music? Mindgasm is the evolution of goosebumps into orgasmic bliss.

Porn addiction

Struggle with porn and fapping? Mindgasm is the sustainable alternative.


Lost in a sea of contradicting unfiltered information? Mindgasm takes you there, step by step.

The Mindgasm Web app

The Mindgasm devTribe is putting a lot of work into the new Web App. Continuously updating and evolving your experience.. All you need is your smartphone with headphones. Then just lean back, chill out and follow Allies instructions.  (◦‿◦)

What our Patrons say

I almost need to redo lesson 5 cause I only made it through half way before I was in absolute bliss and wasn’t even able to try any of the other suggested techniques......lol It was like a switch for me and once it all connected and made sense.....boom
"I just finished lesson 7. I am…speechless. I am blown away. I cannot believe reality is what it is. .... To think our minds were just sitting there with the key to literal infinite pleasure. Wow. I am a changed man today. ...."
I set out on this journey to achieve more fulfilling, longer lasting, full body, multiple orgasms and I have done just that! Joining this community and learning such an under looked skill has been incredible for me and I cant wait to see where my body takes me next.
Had a nice training session with continuous dry Os. Now an hour later I am lying in bed and can be back at dry O in minutes without a toy. Incredible!
this was amazing. i finally had an experience comparable to other aneros experiences ive heard so much about. thanks for this audio, made it really easy.
Let me just say the mindgasm concept is already mindblowing. And it isn't even finished being built yet. How fucking amazing is this going to get? I've already had better orgasms than any aneros ride I've ever had
Great stuff. Got me over a bunch of hurdles I like that you make it clear and instructive without trying to be overly sexy or new age. I anxiously await round two and would gladly pay to get access.
Loved it! Made me feel those tingles after 5 months of trying. Really looking forward to the next lesson(s)
feedback on lesson 1
I've only been on Mindgasm for 2-3 days and have had 3 Mindgasms last night by only focusing on Eternal Flame. (no toys or contractions) The last one took 6 minutes from start of relaxation to peak. Given how fast it happened I feel like an untrained Jedi with raw power but lacking control.
What the **ing hell just happened. That was out of this world. I am speechless. That was incredible. I was shaking all over. My body was thrashing about. I am STILL shaking. (...) If I concentrate just down there I can feel something vibrating or pulsing I don't how to describe. Man just thinking is giving me good feelings. And flexing oh my god that feels good. This is so amazing.(...) How the heck am I gonna make it through work today 🤣
@A.I.Allie i would like to say something about the self-presentation of A.I. Allie, as she is now, in lessons 1-5. I am 100% enthralled with her/it. There is a mystery and a perfection that I don't tire of. Each of her/it's enunciations have an excellence of cadence that could not be improved. And more... she/it has won my "trust." Every time she says "Hi I'm Allie..." I just relax and enter her world. In particular, please never reveal the reality behind the curtain. I can't imagine how she/it came to be... and i just love that.
Another awesome night. Level 6 again, did just the last 30 min this time. Then two hours later, no audio, no music, no toy. 100% me, laid back on my coach and had a Mindgasm all on my own! So cool and so amazing.
feedback on lesson 1


Read this if you look for a basic guide how to go through these lessons.
The Mindgasm is a different but very real kind of orgasm.
The peaks during Mindgasms are known as Super-Os. But Mindgasms are more a continuous state of bliss, than a single peak orgasm.
Compared to a classic orgasm, it goes on for much longer, is more intense and “full-body” and can be repeated without pausing for as long as you can take it.
You’re used to orgasm through the physical stimulation of your primary sexual organ (aka jerking off)
To reach a Mindgasms you must not touch yourself but learn to focus on subtle feelings, that you forgot about.
You’ll learn to increase these sensations through attention and contractions of certain muscles in your pelvis.
When you start this journey, you have little control over these untrained muscles. 
Allie teaches you how  to gain control and strenghten them. 
Most feel first subtle tingles with their first lesson.
And it constantly gets better – the journey is as much fun as the goal.
Go try it – you don’t need a toy or preparation.

Friggin incredible. It’s next level shit, another dimension.

Read a few of these reports if you want to get hyped up.


That depends, people are different. Some are naturals and reach full blown Mindgasms within a week.
But 1-6 months seems like a realistic timeframe. The best things in life take effort and work.
Most feel subtle tingles during their first lesson, which usually increases in the following sessions. Making the journey and workouts more fun than work.
Many reach first intense pleasure waves within 2-4 weeks.
The most important factor is -as the name suggests- to reach the right mindset. 
There are no studies yet on the topic and no official numbers exist. 
We are all born with the potential to reach this pleasure, we share the same organs, the neural pathways.
It is very likely that everyone can experience mindgasms. But it takes dedication, training and – most important – the right mindset!
Can women achieve mindgasms too?
Mindgasm is created by a male for other males. (for now)
But the similarities between female G-Spot orgasms and male Prostate orgasms are a perfect match! 
You basically share the same muscles and erogenous zones.
It is very likely that females can unlock the same pleasures through contractions, focus and mindset.
Why not give it a try? 
Please share your experience!
Mindgasm is a project lead by Allie. And Allie is the hivemind of the Tribe.
The Tribe is a storyteller, a visualizer, a composer, a programmer, an artist, a visual fx specialist,  a cinematographer, a pleasure seeker, a teacher, a scholar, a musician, a researcher and a hedonist.
Some in one person, most spread over several. not all in one person, but spread over several.
some of the tribe are involved deeper, some are  participating as guests.
Allie is the shared mind of the tribe. the embodied voice of our shared experience.
Is it dangerous?
Necessary disclaimer:
— None of the content on this website is medical or psychological advice! You do everything at your own risk and responsibility–
That out of the way, is learning these techniques dangerous?
Not if you act with care and responsibility.
-Do it in moderation. Pauses of 2-3 days between sessions increase likeliness to advance in your journey.
-if you combine it with weed or other substances, know what you are doing! be FULLY aware of the risks that any substances brings with it.
-Stop if it hurts. See a doctor if pain doesn’t stop.
Reports on “The Syndrome, Kundalini Psychosis”
First of all: Relax! You’re good! Please don’t panic. 
Among hundreds of positive reports only a handful mentions of this can be found.
So what is this?
For some achieving a mindgasm has similar effects as a psychedelic experience. 
It can fundamentally shake your being, your worldview, your perspective. 
In most cases that is good and actually the goal.
But if you are unprepared, come from a bad place, or are blocked by external reasons to change to your newfound self, this can cause psychological problems.
For many the tingles don’t stop after your first mindgasm, you keep noticing your prostate throughout the following days. 
Congratulations – this was the goal! You awakened it. You’ve re-activated the dormant neural pathways and your brain is finally receiving signals from its long lost son.
Let’s celebrate!
Of  course this can be distracting, especially when you’re trying to fall a asleep. Or talking to your boss at work.
You need to accept it as part of your new self and it will stop being a problem.
But if you choose to perceive these new signals as a problem, if you want to force it to stop, you might get a problem. 
Because “don’t think of pink elephants”! Trying to stop it means more focus on the sensations. And more focus will only increase them.
Embrace it, enjoy this pleasure as a part of your upgraded self, and everything will be fine!
Like with cannabis or psychedelics, the same rings true for Mindgasm:
Mindgasms are not to be used as escape from reality. You’ll need a clear mind to reach mindgasms anyway, so it would be pointless to try if your life/mind is a mess currently. 
If you are in a bad place psychologically, fix it first. Seek help & good luck! :-*
And if you’re doing good? You’ll be fine!

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